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The new closed liquid cooling system improves the working efficiency of the computer

the kodance exos cooling system is stably installed on the chassis of the personal computer, and the liquid coolant with fluorescent color circulates the whole system in the pipeline

the ability of computers to process data and information has made great progress in the past. From bank ATMs to Internet and e-mail, computers are constantly changing our lives and have a far-reaching impact in many aspects. Computers have almost become a part of modern life, everywhere, everywhere. When everyone's attention is focused on computer viruses, another invisible but ubiquitous crisis is often ignored. The crisis that can paralyze the computer system is the overheating of the central processing unit (CPU)

The kodance exos cooling system is stably installed on the chassis of a

human computer, and the liquid

coolant with fluorescent color circulates through the pipeline

overheating of the central processing unit will affect the performance of personal computers and threaten the computer host groups of Internet service providers (ISPs) and virtual host service providers. When the speed of the central processing unit continues to increase, the inorganic organic hybrid reaction theory refers to the scientific and technological innovation of developing higher-level fire prevention functions of polyurethane materials. The temperature also continues to rise, and the traditional ventilation and cooling device is not very effective. Koolance, a private company headquartered in the United States with offices in South Korea, pioneered the use of liquid cooling technology to prevent computers from overheating. Since water and electronic parts must not be mixed, the company adopts the advanced connection device of colder products company (CPC) to ensure the safety of its closed cooling system

overheating and liquid cooling

ventilation cooling device is an open system, which relies on small fans to dissipate the heat energy generated by the computer central processing unit. The higher the speed of the central processing unit, the higher the heat energy generated, and the larger and louder the fan required. Because there is not much space to install hardware in the computer, and the location shared by the host group in the data center is also quite limited, the use of ventilation cooling devices to cope with the overheating of the central processing unit has reached a precarious limit

koolance's liquid cooling system is compact and easy to use. The company chose to replace air with water solution as the cooling medium. This is because the heat absorption capacity and efficiency of aqueous solution are stronger and faster than that of air. In fact, the thermal conductivity of aqueous solution is 30 times greater than that of air. As Tim hunting, product development manager of koolance, said, the company does not fight a battle of uncertainty: "when the speed of the central processing unit doubles every 18 months, the ventilation cooling device is difficult to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the central processing unit."

since the first introduction of liquid cooling system in 2001, koolance has introduced a whole series of liquid cooling products. These products can be used to cool various important computer components, including hard disk, central processing unit, computer motherboard and video card

kodance liquid coolant keeps cool in exos reservoir

the advanced design and connection device ensure the safety of the closed cooling system. This new product, named exostm, is the world's first independent external personal computer cooling system. It can be installed on the central processing unit of the computer. Through the closed circulating pipe, using liquid coolant, the heat energy generated by the processor can be effectively dissipated. With exostm, users do not need to buy computer cases with cooling accessories. Exostm can be connected to any personal computer in a very simple way. Just connect it to the standard rear card slot of the personal computer. Unlike many complicated "DIY devices", exostm's installation process is easy and effortless. The simple and clear design allows exostm devices to be easily transferred to other personal computers

kodance liquid coolant keeps cool in exos reservoir

safe connection device

in order to ensure the absolute "independence" of the independent cooling system, exostm uses CPC's advanced connection device: quick connector. These quick connectors ensure that the disassembly and reconnection of the coolant pipeline is absolutely safe, reliable and easy to carry out. Stop valves are built in the female seat and nozzle of the joint, which can prevent coolant leakage when the pipe is disassembled, and provide a smooth channel after connecting the pipe to ensure that the coolant is transmitted with high flow

The CPC quick connector is equipped with a metal release button, which allows users to quickly remove the external exos cooling system from the computer server

tim hunting said, "even with the continuous progress of science and technology, water and electronic parts cannot be mixed. Exostm's superior connection device can provide a high level of safety and convenience for all metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, when dealing with coolant, which is the main reason why our products are different."

cpc's connecting device has also achieved the goal of simplifying the user's installation process for koolance. The quick connector has an easy-to-use release button. When disassembling, just press the button gently with one hand. When connecting, as long as you hear the sound of "card", it means that it has been firmly connected. In this way, both first-time users and experienced users can clearly determine whether the system is properly installed without worrying about coolant leakage

koolance's customers are a lot of game people who are immersed in computer games and forget to eat and sleep. They often bring computers and cooling equipment to places where they play computer games. The mobility and efficiency of exostm are exactly what they need

functions that continue to expand

in the climate of Internet service providers (ISPs), virtual host service providers, and computer audio-visual data production companies, koolance's products have great potential for development. These professional computer servers and peripherals are much faster than personal computers, and the heat generated is naturally much faster than personal computers. In addition, professional computer servers are usually crowded together, and the air flow is quite limited, so the liquid cooling system is obviously superior to the ventilation cooling device

The CPC quick connector is equipped with a metal release button, which allows users to quickly remove the external exos cooling system from the computer server

Koolance has developed a series of efficient cooling systems for professional computer servers. This series of cooling system can protect expensive computer equipment for enterprises. At the same time, it can also play an ideal cooling function in an environment where the crowded quality testing of servers is a responsibility to the society. In order to effectively strengthen the efficiency of the cooling system, koolance will continue to use the connecting device that CPC reliably measures deformation through force values

tim hunting said, "in our increasingly powerful cooling system, advanced materials and connecting devices are indispensable. Whether personal or professional customers, we must make them absolutely assured that there will be no leakage of cooling agent when using the koolance cooling system."

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