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New combined intelligent yogurt machine came out

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the nutrition and health care of diet. One of the manifestations is the increasing consumption of dairy products. In the consumption content of dairy products in China, the main consumption variety is fresh milk

yogurt is a kind of health food with good taste, rich nutrition, suitable for all ages, and can be drunk all year round. It is the best of dairy products. Due to the large equipment investment, complex production process and high production cost in the general industrialized production of yogurt, its market sales have been seriously affected. The survey shows that at this stage, China's yogurt consumers are mainly high-income people, and most of the working class and ordinary people can't afford to drink it

Tianjin TEDA Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has developed, developed and produced intelligent yogurt machines based on China's national conditions and taking into account the consumption capacity of the majority of working-class consumers, so that the majority of working-class consumers can afford yogurt and ordinary people can afford yogurt

the intelligent yoghurt machine makes the complex yoghurt wood powder high filling production simple and intelligent. The machine covers an area of less than 1 square meter, and there is no need for special personnel to operate the waste plastic particles. The supply is in short supply, and the high-quality and natural fermented yogurt can be produced without professional production workshops, so that the production cost of yogurt can be doubled. The machine can be placed in public places such as large shopping places, hotels, restaurants, school canteens, student apartments, breakfast rooms in urban streets and residential areas, ice cream shops, cafes, etc., and can be received and drunk now. The higher packaging cost of yogurt was saved

intelligent yogurt machine is a national patent product with patent number 0 The equipment is the production process of all yoghurt such as mixing, sterilization, homogenization, cooling, fermentation and ripening, and it is the reduction and combination of factory yoghurt production line. It adopts PLC fully automatic control, and uses electronic touch screen to track and display the whole process of yogurt production. It is easy to operate and maintain. The uniqueness of this equipment is that the yogurt production process is completed in one tank, which solves the technical problem of intermediate pollution in the yogurt production process. It is an ideal small yogurt production equipment

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