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New coda Coriolis mass flowmeter/flow controller release

on September 9, 2020, alicat scientific, a subsidiary of British Haomai group, has officially released its new coda Coriolis mass flowmeter and mass flow controller. Alicat, as a world-renowned manufacturer of mass flow and pressure instruments, has a new series of coda at high pressure

on September 9, 2020, alicat scientific, a subsidiary of British Haomai group, has officially released its new coda Coriolis mass flow meter and mass flow controller. Alicat is a world-renowned manufacturer of mass flow and pressure instruments. Its new series coda has the characteristics of accurately measuring very small flow in high pressure environment

alicat recognizes that gas composition, stability, pressure and other factors that affect mass flow measurement can be recorded. At this time, the numerical factors instigated by the pointer will limit the effectiveness of some specific measurement technologies. Therefore, alicat has developed a new mass flow measurement and control equipment based on Coriolis measurement principle. In the traditional mass flow measurement, it has always been a great challenge to deal with the corrosion of media. Coda series flowmeter adopts a more corrosion-resistant internal structure than the previous series, which can optimize the performance of lithium battery components, greatly improving the application potential of the product for corrosive gases/liquids

"Coriolis series technology enables mass flow measurement to be applied to specific environments such as high pressure, corrosive liquids, small flow, etc." Ryan Barner, product manager of alicat, said, "I am very excited about the launch of coda products and its application prospects in the field of scientific research and production environment."

coda can reflect its extremely fast response time when it directly measures the multi mass flow with more contents to be displayed by the microcomputer controlled type. The above two loading rates should be coordinated at the same time. The reason why Coriolis series is really different from other series is that its measurement principle does not depend on fluid components, which makes it applicable to a wider range of industrial processes. Coda also has the ability to measure very small flow and can be used under high pressure conditions, up to 3500 psi. Its excellent ability makes it have the potential to further expand its application fields. Coda series products have been designed with full consideration of the actual situation in use. This series of products also have excellent corrosion resistance and external vibration resistance

coda Coriolis series is an ideal choice for scientific research, petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry and other occasions that require stable operation of instruments under high pressure and corrosive fluid conditions. Coda Coriolis series instruments are also suitable for biopharmaceutical research fields and food production industries that need to maintain strict purity standards under high accuracy and extremely low flow conditions

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