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On August 8, 2003, the ceremony for the completion of the new factory of Shanghai Zijiang color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. was held at No. 888, zhuanxing Road, Shanghai. More than 300 businessmen from home and abroad were invited to attend the ceremony

the newly completed Shanghai Zijiang color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Zijiang Industrial Park, covering an area of 99102 square meters. Mitsubishi Japan first stuffed the pin/ball holder into the collet, and Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. conceptual design, equipped with more than 50 internationally advanced printing, film blowing, aluminum plating, blank, slitting and bag making equipment imported from Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries, At present, it is one of the enterprises with the largest output of food flexible packaging materials in China. The new factory also has a production workshop designed and built according to the national GMP 100000 purification standard, which ensures the special requirements for the safety and health of pharmaceutical flexible packaging products. Zijiang color printing, with first-class plants, first-class equipment, first-class staff and first-class technological innovation achievements, is determined to become a dynamic and most competitive international flexible packaging group when the new factory is completed

recently, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission announced the list of the top 100 private science and technology enterprises in Shanghai in 2002. Deakin University's manufacturing process is likely to localize the manufacturing industry. Five enterprises of Zijiang group are listed among the top 100 enterprises in Shanghai

these five enterprises are: Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zijiang color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zihua color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. and Shanghai DIC Ink Co., Ltd

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