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The largest R & D base of new composite materials in the West will be located in Chengdu

the largest R & D and production base of new composite materials in the West will be located in Chengdu. Yesterday, Ge Honglin, deputy secretary of Chengdu municipal Party committee and mayor, met with Yang Guisheng, chairman of Shanghai jieshijie new materials (Group) Co., Ltd. and his delegation, and welcomed jieshijie's investment and development in Chengdu

after introducing the development of relevant industries in Chengdu, Ge Honglin said that in recent years, in the process of accelerating the opening-up and cooperation, Chengdu has gradually formed a set of fast and efficient service processes, which not only provides a good investment environment for enterprises to invest in Chengdu, but also provides a more comfortable and convenient living environment, while striving to accurately predict future market trends and market dynamics. The investment project of jieshijie company in Chengdu will inject new vitality into the economic and social development of Chengdu. Chengdu will create a good government environment and provide high-quality government services for the development of the company in Chengdu

Yang Guisheng said that Chengdu has broad market prospects and a good investment environment. It is an investment hot land suitable for printing movable crown bridge models (below). We are full of confidence in investing in new material industry projects in Chengdu

Shanghai jieshijie new materials (Group) Co., Ltd. is a well-known material supplier in the fields of automobiles, electricians, electrical appliances, it, batteries and so on. The company plans to build the largest R & D and production base of new composite materials in Western China in Chengdu. The first phase plans to invest 800million yuan to build a new composite component project with an annual output of 2million square meters of building formwork, 300000 sets of biogas digesters and a national R & D center. After the completion of the project, the annual output value will be about 1.1 billion yuan, the annual profit and tax will be about 300million yuan, and many primary items are made of plastic. Phase II plans to rely on the R & D and production advantages of jieshijie company in engineering plastics and other new composite materials to produce components such as notebook computer casings, so as to provide supporting support for the manufacturing of notebook computers and other consumer electronic products in Chengdu

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