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New clothes on the high-end of the sword finger

new clothes on the high-end of the sword finger | Shan Tui made a heavy debut at the Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition

China Construction Machinery Information

on March 10, local time in the United States, the Las Vegas International Construction Machinery exhibition, one of the world's three major construction machinery exhibitions, was grandly opened. The exhibition is a large-scale exhibition with many merchants, gathering world-famous construction machinery brands. It is an important platform for the industry to display the latest technology, equipment and exhibits. Shantui made a shocking debut with its latest all hydraulic bulldozer star products dh13k2, dh16k2 and a variety of accessories, dressed up for this exhibition

as the world's most prestigious construction machinery product trading and exhibition platform, the exhibition is held every three years, and the exhibition covers the whole industry and spare parts of construction machinery, such as excavation machinery, shovel transport machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, pavement and compaction machinery

this time, Shantui sword refers to the North American market, and launched two K-series full hydraulic bulldozers that are suitable for North American emission standards. It adopts internationally renowned power system and hydrostatic drive control technology, and a variety of operation modes. The whole machine is powerful, more energy-saving and environmental friendly. The product combines the opinions and feedback from customers in North America, and has the characteristics of flexible and accurate control, high work efficiency, convenient maintenance, good comfort and so on. It is more in line with the installation method of steel bar forward and reverse zigzag experimental machine. Electromechanical 1 must import servo electromechanical: the demand of the high-end market in North America. Super stability, super first-class driving experience and all-round performance suitable for various working conditions will bring customers high cost-effective solutions

Shantui's core component "four wheel and one belt" products also appeared at the exhibition. Shantui is the largest manufacturer of chassis parts of construction machinery in China and an OEM chassis supplier of more than 100 brands around the world. The large pitch crawler chassis parts on display this time are perfectly suitable for high-power mining bulldozers and excavators. The chassis of bulldozer adopts advanced lubrication and sealing structure, and Shantui's unique heat treatment technology and manufacturing process, which greatly improves the service life of chassis parts. When the service life is equivalent to that of the most high-end competitors, it significantly reduces the use cost of customers, with high cost performance and convenient maintenance

in recent years, Shantui has kept up with market demand and accelerated product upgrading. We have constantly sought breakthroughs in intelligent control, power matching, efficient transmission, reliability design and other aspects, and gradually achieved the domestic leading and international advanced core technology, and our products are moving towards the international high-end. At the same time, Shantui has further broadened its ways in market layout at home and abroad, marketing strategy optimization, quality service upgrading, etc., giving full play to the industrial and global collaborative R & D advantages of Shandong heavy industry group. The molding temperature is 350 (4) 00 ℃, creating the gold industry chain effect of power, hydraulic and chassis parts, and helping Shantui brand's international journey

the design of this Shantui booth is more unique and full of modern sense of science and technology. Sometimes in order to reduce weight, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals are also used to show the highlights and advantages of new products in digital mode, so that the audience present can more intuitively experience the leading performance of Shantui new products. The booth with great industrial design beauty and the equipment with super high appearance value have attracted many customers to stop and visit. Guided by ingenuity and full of wisdom elements, Shantui equipment has set a new benchmark of "smart" manufacturing in China with its scientific and technological innovation

Shantui products were brilliant at this exhibition, and the unique product technology and product value attracted many exhibitors. On the first day of the exhibition, an endless stream of customers from all over the world came to Shantui booth to visit and negotiate, and they were full of praise for Shantui bulldozers and accessories. Shantui booth staff warmly and actively communicated with customers and received a lot of intention information

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