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Kashgar introduced latex paint and other new comprehensive building materials projects

Shandong businessman Zhu Zhilian invested 30million yuan to introduce the advanced technology of Beijing Leshibao coating Co., Ltd. and decided to establish a comprehensive new building materials Co., Ltd. in Kashgar, which is beneficial to operation, storage and use. On June 30, the two sides signed a contract at the signing conference of the Khartoum fair, which settled the dust of this project

Zhu Zhilian found that the construction of Kashgar City has been very strong in the past two years. In view of the fact that there is a lack of high-end environmental protection coatings in the current Kashgar building materials market, he decided to establish a comprehensive new building materials company in Kashgar during the "1035" period. 4. Place the samples on the main machine of the experimental machine. The company is mainly engaged in new environmental protection latex paint and GFRP bolt tensile testing machine for exterior wall protection. The main research is its ultimate failure load, namely tensile strength Production of new building materials with mechanical properties such as modulus of elasticity and elongation, temperature and waterproof series. The building materials company covers an area of 68 Mu and is expected to start construction in early July and complete and put into operation at the end of September

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