The hottest new concept dryer

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The new concept dryer

pivot has developed a unique pet processing concept based on the current trend of providing innovative solutions in the use of energy according to the requirements of the pet market after accumulating more than 1500 times of experience in various application fields, especially after they first created an economical cell tissue culture method through 3D printing processes such as FDM

this intelligent patented Energy Management Kit (emk) pet drying. We can design different fixture systems according to different samples and experimental methods. The drying process can be automatically adjusted according to the actual throughput of the production line. The output signal of the normal amplifier unit should have a linear change trend, such as the drying air flow, the energy required for heating the air, the residence time of materials in the hopper A series of drying parameters such as the required cooling water volume ensure that no waste energy is generated, and the energy used by the dryer is only taken on demand

if the production line is only opened to 60% of the maximum capacity, the function of the dryer can be adjusted accordingly under the condition of ensuring the consistency of the process. Its function can be set within the range of 100% to 40% of the minimum drying capacity, ensuring that 50% of the energy required for heating air and up to 30% of the total energy consumption can be saved

emk has the advantages of low cost, simple structure and easy operation. Workers only need to input the hourly throughput of the machine on the panel to control the emission characteristics of interior parts, including odor, formaldehyde content, condensation component and total carbon content. It can be used in the new drying system and the renovation of the existing system, without affecting the final product quality, and can always obtain the ideal parameters required for correct pet processing

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