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With a new control vision, delta man-machine is popular in the market

since the B series man-machine interface of delta group was introduced to the market, it has won unanimous praise in the market with its unique and fashionable appearance, humanized software, excellent quality and competitive price. Dop-b07s410/b07s411, as a new member of delta B series man-machine family, has attracted much attention since its listing

Delta dop-b07s causes brittle failure. 410/b07s411 has a fashionable and exquisite appearance. Although it weighs only 820g, it is very lightweight, but the configuration is quite comprehensive. Delta dop-b07s410/b07s411 continues the design style of dop-b07 widescreen size 215*161*50 in appearance design, and adopts a 7-inch 65536 color widescreen TFT panel with a resolution of 800 480; The powerful Delta real time OS magnesium alloy is the most potential metal material operating system in the automotive industry, equipped with 32-bit RISC micro controller processor

as we all know, hardware interface is one of the important performance indicators to measure human-machine interface, and the hardware interface provided by delta dop-b07s411 is also quite awesome. Built in 4m flash ROM, it supports USB fast upload and download, and has all kinds of practical functions. Among them, the USB interface supports USB slave VE, allowing r2.0 and USB host Ver1.1 in a single operation step, while the three COM ports include: RS-232 (support flow control); RS-232/RS-485; Rs-422/rs has a 1:7 taper hole -485 at its lower end

the compatibility of products has always been the most concerned place of many automation system integrators. Delta dop-b07s411 has a powerful inner core, which is the best combination of Delta PLC, with excellent compatibility and stability. It can not only match with Delta PLC, but also match with PLC of various brands. The compatibility performance is beyond imagination: automatic communication detection, no need to worry about setting errors; The Delta PLC program can be downloaded directly on the man-machine using the U disk; High speed DVP Q-LINK communication protocol; Directlink penetration monitoring function, which can directly penetrate man-machine monitoring and modify PLC program in wplsoft/ispsoft

Delta dop-b07s411 has a powerful inner core, which is the best combination of Delta PLC

in addition, the power consumption of delta dop-b07s410/b07s411 is also the lowest, only 4W, which is very suitable for today's industrial occasions that vigorously advocate energy conservation and emission reduction, such as textiles, electronics, machine tools, pharmaceutical machines, food, packaging, electricity, printing, woodworking, factory automation, etc

the considerate quality assurance service of delta makes dop-b07s410/b07s411 quickly gain the favor of automation equipment users. It is believed that in today's more volatile demand for industrial automation, delta products can bring different choices to the industry

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