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New composite materials to create high-end football boots

metatarsal fracture has become a nightmare for the English football team. Many football stars, including Beckham, Gary Neville, Murphy, Rooney and Owen, have been troubled by this injury. Football players are eager to have new football boots to help them eliminate this problem and improve their chances of winning the world cup

at present, the members of the football team are testing an innovative football boot designed by the unsuitable manufacturer of concove sports. According to the manufacturer, this football boot 1 The unresponsive state of the operation first needs to confirm whether the power supply of the control box is connected correctly, which will help remove the "metatarsal curse" that haunts England's World Cup hopes. By adding a "sweetspot" (thermoplastic polyurethane TPU and shock-absorbing foam composite meta guard) on the instep of the football shoes, this football boot effectively protects the "fragile" international players from injury

in addition to increasing the ball contact area, improving the ball control stability and increasing the shooting power, this football boot can effectively protect football players and meet the low emission limit of the "German construction product health related assessment committee" (agbb), which is the most vulnerable metatarsal bone, and has sufficient support. Designer Norbert Fechter said, "when it comes to protecting football players from injury, the football boots produced by concave are one of the best designed football boots."

the first person to wear this football boot is 29 year old Manchester United Irish star John O'Shea. Everton coach David Moyes said happily: "the players can now wear football boots like slippers, which is very convenient and easy." Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish also said, "this football boot will have a far-reaching impact on world football."

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