The hottest new concept of modern lighting control

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New concept of modern lighting control system

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drawing depth: construction drawing project location: Beijing design style: modern style drawing format: JPG, CAD2000 number of drawings: 31


lighting drawings of a shopping mall, lighting circuit diagrams on the 5th floor, lighting circuit diagrams on the 2nd floor, lighting circuit diagrams on the 1st floor


this data is the drum boiler feed water control system (13 pages in total, pictures and texts), PPT document directory: feedwater control feedwater three impulse measurement feedwater bypass

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what are the elements that cause the force measuring part of the universal experimental machine to become friction? The means of designing the soul, a city, a building, a landscape, a street, a world, only no more than 10 companies have developed this kind of material mat commercial space, and its characteristics are revealed by light

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the control curve, displacement and force value can be dynamically displayed on the digital display. The system includes all control, adjustment, measurement and automatic control equipment. There are two forms as follows: a) manual control: the operator adjusts all operations

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2018 first construction examination outline has been comprehensively revised! One of the most remarkable is the addition of Bim and assembly assessment! Is the relationship between Yijian and BIM so close? What is the new content of Bim in the first construction examination this year? Come and have a look with Xiaozhi! In the changes of the new textbook of the first construction in 2018:

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under the background of further deepening the reform and opening up, various reforms in the field of engineering construction are also under way. Recently, at this time of housing and urban rural construction, the main motor should be stopped. The general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the reply on approving Shanghai and Shenzhen to carry out the pilot project of general contracting enterprises preparing construction drawing design documents, agreeing to carry out the pilot project in Shanghai Shenzhen general contracting enterprise

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