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Changsha completed 532 new projects with an investment of 305.4 billion yuan in the first November

Changsha completed 532 new projects with an investment of 305.4 billion yuan in the first November

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2016 is coming to an end, and the new year's bell is about to ring. Looking back on the past year, Changsha's major project construction has maintained the "heat" and "speed" of running at full speed, and achieved fruitful results: from January to November this year, Changsha completed a total investment of 305.4 billion yuan, 114.2% of the annual estimated investment of 267.4 billion yuan, 11.4 percentage points faster than the same period last year; A total of 532 new projects have been started, with an operating rate of 94.5%

since this year, automobile lightweight has been mainly reflected in the optimization of automobile design, the utilization of alloy materials and non-metallic materials. The city has unswervingly promoted the construction of major projects around the general requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to "stabilize, improve and optimize", laying a good foundation for economic and social development. Major projects that have been completed and put into operation or are under construction reserve potential for Changsha to build a national central city and realize basic modernization, gather stamina, and become a new engine for Changsha's new round of economic and social leapfrog development

cohesion: the contribution rate of major projects to fixed asset investment reaches 49.13%

development is the first priority, and projects are the first element. This year is the first year of the 13th five year plan. Facing the downward pressure of the economy, the whole city has firmly grasped the "bull nose" of project construction, and has always adhered to expanding effective investment as an important measure to stabilize growth and adjust structure, providing strong support for the growth of fixed asset investment

on the whole, 808 major projects were arranged in the city this year, with a planned investment of 267.4 billion yuan. From January to November, a total of 305.4 billion yuan was invested, accounting for 114.2% of the annual plan, of which the completion rate of government investment projects accounted for 115.5% of the annual plan, and the completion rate of social investment projects accounted for 113% of the annual plan. From January to November, the contribution rate of major project investment to the city's fixed asset investment reached 49.13%

behind the data is the development trend of "you compete and I catch up" in all districts, counties (cities) and parks: in terms of the amount of investment completed, the total amount of investment completed in all districts, counties (cities) and parks has reached more than 20billion yuan on average; In terms of the proportion of completed investment, the average completion rate of investment in all districts, counties (cities) and parks has reached 117%. Except for the new high-speed railway City, other districts, counties (cities) and parks have exceeded the annual investment target in the first 11 months

behind the data is the city's efforts to jointly promote the sound development of the economy by relying on the two major focuses of "commencement and production". From the perspective of planned construction projects, it is planned to build new projects throughout the year. 8. 353 defective parts will be screened out in advance. After the splitting of bundled projects, there are 577 sub projects. From January to November, a total of 532 projects will be started in the city, with an operating rate of 94.5%, including 346 government investment projects, with an operating rate of 92%; 186 social investment projects, with an operating rate of 99.5%

precise policy implementation: 35 joint leaders held more than 140 on-site meetings

how effective economic development is, it is particularly critical to effectively stimulate investment and orderly promote projects. Focusing on promoting the sound and rapid construction of major projects, the city has made clear the direction, focused on the key points, worked hard in one place, constantly strengthened high-quality services, and made every effort to promote the early completion, early production and early results of projects

in terms of project planning, as early as the beginning of the year, the municipal development and Reform Commission planned and packaged the "4523" major project library during the 13th Five Year Plan period, covering four categories: industrial development, infrastructure, social livelihood and platform construction, with a total of 53 major projects, about 2000 projects and about 3trillion yuan of investment, so as to accumulate momentum for future investment growth and industrial development

in terms of strengthening the overall planning, Changsha has identified 99 major projects that are jointly targeted by municipal leaders, which are personally deployed and coordinated at a high level. Through irregular in-depth project visits, they help the project solve problems by means of on-site investigation, special scheduling, etc. As of November, 35 leaders of liandian city have carried out field research on 99 major projects in the city and held more than 140 on-site office meetings

in terms of providing services, strictly implement the conference system for promoting the construction of major projects. Through joint meetings and quarterly evaluation meetings, "find problems, find gaps, and find goals", five joint and evaluation meetings have been held successively, and a list of major project issues has been prepared. In the way of "special scheduling, follow-up and effectiveness, registration and cancellation, and problem clearing", centralized and special assignments have been carried out, with a total of 111 problems assigned, At present, 80% of the problems have been solved, cancelled or partially solved

with a sound service working mechanism and solid and effective project service measures as the guarantee, the city's project construction environment is increasingly optimized, constantly injecting vitality into economic development

focus on people's Livelihood: 54.26 billion yuan has been invested in urban infrastructure projects

this year, Changsha has increased the construction of a large number of infrastructure projects with large investment volume, such as subway, intercity railway, north-south horizontal line and so on. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government have always taken the construction of major projects as a major starting point to improve people's livelihood, using major projects to improve the quality of the city, enhance people's well-being, and effectively enhance the people's sense of gain. According to statistics, the annual estimated investment of Changsha urban infrastructure projects this year is 47.03 billion yuan, and 54.26 billion yuan was invested from January to November, with a completion rate of 115.3%; Among them, the estimated annual investment of social and livelihood projects is 17.09 billion yuan, and 19.55 billion yuan was invested from January to November

on October 1 last year, the main line of Wanjiali Road, the first urban expressway in Changsha, was opened to traffic elevated. On August 31 this year, the ground auxiliary road was also fully opened to traffic, and Wanjiali road became the "artery" of traffic in the east of Changsha. After Wanjiali Road, the second expressway reconstruction project in Changsha, the rapid reconstruction project of Xiangfu Road, has entered the full-scale construction stage. The 11.85 km long road is synchronously promoted in three bid sections and is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2018. According to the plan, Changsha will build a "Jingzi + ring" expressway system in the future, forming 34 trunk roads "18 horizontal and 16 vertical", connecting all areas of the city

rail transit is popular among citizens because of its convenience, punctuality, comfort and other characteristics. Following the opening of Metro Line 2 in 2014 and the trial operation of line 1 on June 28 this year, Changsha Metro has entered the "transfer era"; The opening of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan intercity railway has entered the countdown, and the three cities of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan will enter the "30 minute life circle". In the urban underground, subway lines 3, 4 and 5 are under intense construction, and the subway is more and more closely connected with the lives of Changsha citizens

a large number of urban "dead end roads" such as Huangxing North Road, Chezhan North Road, tongzipo road and Mulian road will be opened; A large number of livelihood projects such as Changsha International Sports Center, Changsha Youth Palace, shirenchong reservoir Park, Yuelu sewage treatment plant are advancing in an orderly manner

foundation of industry: more than 20 industrial projects with an investment of 5billion yuan

today's major projects are tomorrow's productivity, and they are the cornerstone of a new round of scientific development in Changsha. Changsha insists on putting the construction of major projects in the prominent position of "adjusting the structure and changing the mode", and takes the project construction as the main starting point for the development of the park. In recent years, a batch of good projects and large projects have settled in Changsha, with more than 20 industrial projects with an investment of 5billion yuan

on March 24, in Changsha high tech Zone, China Unicom Hunan Changsha Cloud Computing Center broke ground. The project will invest 5billion yuan to build a cloud data base based on cloud data, cloud computing and cloud services

on June 1, in Ningxiang Economic Development Zone, the first household air conditioner in the comprehensive production base of Gree appliances was officially offline, and the large-scale central air conditioning project of Gree appliances was hot

on July 5, the high-end underground equipment manufacturing project of China railway construction heavy industry officially started in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the world's top maglev track production line will be built to accelerate the improvement of Changsha's "intelligent manufacturing" level

in addition, the Suning yunshang modern industrial park project in Longping high tech park has a total investment of about 1.1 billion yuan. After the project is fully completed and put into use, it will achieve an annual income of 6billion yuan and an annual tax of 100million yuan; BYD electric truck and special vehicle project is planned to invest 2billion yuan annually, and 1.61 billion yuan has been completed at present; The annual planned investment of Changsha ChuanHua intelligent highway port project is 500 million yuan, and 270 million yuan has been invested; Xiangjiang happy city, Huaqiang Cultural Industrial Park and Xinhua union Tongguan kiln international cultural tourism resort are accelerating, which will surely promote the industrial development of the city to a new level and gather stronger development forces

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