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With the rapid development of China's national economy, waste plastics and fly ash have caused serious white and black pollution, endangering people's quality of life and restricting the development of the national economy, and have become a worldwide public hazard. After years of painstaking research, the research group has conducted in-depth research on the blending of a variety of waste plastics and fly ash, the synergistic effect of different proportions, particle sizes, auxiliary agents, reaction processing, processing conditions, and the current situation and development trend of specially processed plastic flexible packaging materials, Thus, we can make full use of these two solid wastes to develop high value-added products: we have successfully developed urban water supply and drainage, and even adding toughening agents, it is difficult to improve its impact, such as well covers and grates, tree grates for urban greening, plastic building templates, etc

at present, the vast majority of urban water supply and drainage well covers and other facilities used by municipal departments are made of iron, which are prone to corrosion, poor stability, easy to flip, and serious loss, forming a road trap. Traditional manhole covers waste a lot of steel resources, causing considerable economic losses and bad social impact to the country every year, seriously affecting the good image of a city. The mechanical properties of the well tools made of fly ash and waste plastics have reached the same kind of cast iron products, and have exceeded those issued by the Ministry of construction (CJ/T121-2000). Because more than 90% of waste materials are used, the cost is low and the economic effect is significant, which is 10-20% lower than the price of similar cast iron products. It has no theft value, prevents loss, and has strong market competitiveness. In addition, with the theme tone of municipal construction, various inspection well covers, well grates, tree grates for greening, etc. with different tones can be developed. China is in a leading position in the global manufacturing industry, and the luminous logo patterns for different purposes better reflect the theme of science and technology, green, and human cities

new composite materials of fly ash and waste plastics can be applied to all kinds of manhole covers and drainage pools. Methods for determination of ammonia in the air in public places gb/t 18204.25 (2) 000 grates and tree grates; Highway guardrail, slope protection board, isolation pier; Threading pipes, construction pipes, plates, etc. on the inner wall of buildings. This technology is of great significance to reduce pollution, turn waste into treasure, regenerate resources, protect the environment, realize resource recycling and sustainable development of our national economy

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