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Yesterday, the performance of the steel sector should be improved so that the use of parts and components should be put in place. The ferrous metal index rose 0.92%, of which Anyang Iron and steel rose by the limit, while Lingang steel, Mitsui Minguang and Valin Iron and steel rose by more than 3%. Guosheng Securities said that the expectation of continued marginal easing of monetary and fiscal policies is a factor to stimulate the demand boom, which is conducive to maintaining the profit focus of the steel industry at a high level. The steel sector still has the recovery momentum brought by the expected correction of environmental protection, demand and performance

the half year performance of steel enterprises increased frequently in advance

on July 3, the two steel enterprises issued a performance increase announcement, which showed that the high profitability of the steel industry was still holding and had high compatibility with organisms. Yesterday, the steel plate became one of the few rising plates in the market, and the black metal index rose 0.92%

according to the performance pre increase announcement released by Anyang Iron and steel, the net profit in the first half of this year is expected to increase by 872million yuan to 1.022 billion yuan compared with the same period last year, with a year-on-year increase of 3142% to 3682%. For the substantial increase in performance, Anyang Iron and Steel said that it mainly benefited from two factors: on the one hand, with the in-depth promotion of supply side reform, the overall balance of supply and demand in the iron and steel industry, the stable improvement of benefits, the continuous optimization of structure, and the continuous improvement of operation quality. On the other hand, the company accelerates the pace of green development and ecological transformation, and the environmental protection improvement results show that the installation, commissioning and after-sales service personnel of the equipment line strictly comply with the national laws and regulations on safety production and the technical regulations on safety in railway engineering construction (tb10401.1 ⑵ 003) and other relevant regulations on safety production; At the same time, we strengthened transformation and upgrading and technological innovation, continued to optimize the product structure, achieved stable and smooth production, took effective measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and significantly improved major economic and technological indicators

at the same time, Valin steel, another steel company, also released the semi annual performance forecast for 2018 on July 3. It is estimated that the net profit in the first half of the year will reach 3.38 billion yuan to 3.58 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 253% to 274%, creating the best performance in the history of half a year

Changjiang Securities said that the balance pattern of the steel industry in the first half of the year has not been lost, the steel price profit is generally high, the demand inertia and supply high converge, and the high profit of steel enterprises may continue

repair opportunities for contingent valuation

in the market trend since this year, the steel sector has experienced deep callback, rebound and re callback. Aijian Securities said that during the period of substantial stock withdrawal, the sector went out of line with the current market. The reason is that the market expectation for the future market of the industry has not improved. After the supply side structural reform, it is difficult for the market to judge the relative level of industry valuation through past experience. Due to the drastic changes in the internal and external environment this year, it is more appropriate to use the relative valuation method to track the relative level of industry valuation. The most uncertain factor of the industry in the second half of the year has changed from peak season demand to macro risk

Changjiang Securities said that at present, the iron and steel industry should be in a flat cycle window, and expanding flexibility and focusing on repair are becoming the theme at this stage. The implicit assumption is that the profit center of the steel industry has not been lost, and the risk points come from expectations rather than from the moment. Therefore, the strengthening of the current high profit pattern and the support of the wind policy are the beneficial guarantee for the development of the recycled plastic granulator and the cross window for the weakening of the danger points, which should be paid attention to. In July, the semi annual performance forecast of each steel enterprise may be gradually disclosed. The landing of high growth performance and the possibility of potential steel price stabilization and rebound, combined with the negative feedback and slow-release of exogenous factors, are creating the above cross window, and the steel stocks are expected to have a new round of momentum

Guosheng Securities said that at present, the steel sector as a whole has been adjusted to the position at the beginning of June last year. The earnings ratio of some blue chip stocks is less than 5 times, and there is an opportunity for oversold rebound. The sustainability of earnings is still supported, and there are opportunities for valuation repair

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