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The perfect combination of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy makes the thin VAIO Shangben

Sony launched its latest Shangben VAIO X series. The new products brought by Sony dazzled the audience. The ultra-thin appearance, ultra light weight and expensive price of VAIO x made people sigh. The magnesium alloy body and carbon fiber shell also doomed VAIO Parker company to say that x would not be a bargain

on this model, the screen has a good visual angle and brightness. Although the resolution is high (1366x768), the font display is still clear and sharp. VAIO x adopts chiclet style keyboard. Although the overall size reaches 11.1 inches, the keyboard and keys are still small

vaio X's touch panel supports multi-point evaluation of crop stalk bearing capacity. The touch technology has moderate key feedback

depending on the specially designed 4-cell battery, this Atom processor based battery has a good endurance performance under 1V. Considering the ultra light and thin design, VAIO x should have a good ranking in our portability index. Before the test, we found that the design of the battery was very new. 2. The machine was a high-precision instrument. The middle of the battery mold was designed according to the size of the touch panel. In this way, after the battery was fastened, the touch panel template was just placed in the groove of the battery. This design reduced the body thickness of the VAIO x to a greater extent

there has never been a model that could be so slim. Sony VAIO x is indeed an engineering masterpiece. Although the chiclet keyboard keys are still small, which reduces the comfort, its elegant appearance increases the impression score

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