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The perfect combination of food packaging technology and the environment (Part 2)

the loss of plastic beer bottles and the pride of transparent bottle labels

the number of seminars on plastic beer bottles has decreased recently, but this does not mean that the market has fallen. On the contrary, it is the darkness before dawn

plastic beer bottles have not yet opened the market in China, mainly due to the following factors: @4sb

1. the technology itself is not qualified. Multilayer bottles may be delaminated; Coating bottle has coating falling off; L0]xu6

2. it does not match the existing process. The existing sterilization and filling line of the brewery can not be directly used for plastic beer, and the line change requires large investment

3. the cost is higher than that of glass bottles, although the cost gap is gradually narrowing

there is a demonstration effect in the promotion of products. A successful case may drive an industry. This is also the driving force for the development of the panel control system with measurement range for the deformation measurement index parameters of the small electronic universal experimental machine. Although some bottle making enterprises have been seeking cooperation with breweries, so far, there is still no breakthrough. There is a misunderstanding. In order to open up the market, the technology suppliers and bottle making enterprises of plastic beer bottles are accommodating the existing production lines of beer enterprises, always trying to make beer bottles adapt to the glass bottle production lines intact, thinking that this is easy to be accepted by beer enterprises, but it is not necessary to cut the foot to fit the shoe to get a perfect result. Maybe change your mind to persuade the brewery to design the process route with the production line of plastic beer bottles as the goal when the new production line is launched, so it is easier to obtain satisfactory results

in addition, Valet filling is becoming an emerging industry. Impatient bottle making enterprises may one day set up a plastic beer filling line to start the application market of plastic beer bottles in China. Of course, since beer production enterprises are much more complex than beverage production technology, it is only a guess whether they can do it^

in contrast to the difficulty of plastic beer packaging, the rapid growth of transparent beer labels. After Kingway beer first spent a lot of money to introduce the German transparent label labeling machine, the transparent beer label quickly spread in the high-end beer market. At present, Heineken, Carlsberg and other famous beer brands have begun to use this new label product to enhance the brand image

convenience food packaging should be convenient

convenience food is one of the fastest growing packaging markets, and its products mainly include instant noodles, biscuits, convenience snacks, etc. Due to the wide variety, the packaging is also very different. The first thing to pay attention to in the packaging of convenience food is to provide the best convenience

many convenience foods are packaged in plastic bags in the form of disposable consumption. This kind of products can be seen from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder. Most of the products are carved with a triangular small mouth on one side of the bag, which is convenient for consumers to tear open the package; Aluminum plastic composite plastic bags are generally cut into a row of sharp corners at the sealing edge of the bag. This kind of packaging has a common problem, that is, it is difficult to tear out the neat opening, and the tear often presents an irregular shape, resulting in the scattering of the contents. The latest technology is to use a laser marking machine to carve a shallow scratch on the top of the bag, so that consumers can tear out a neat opening every time. It is believed that this technology will soon be popularized in the domestic food industry

there are many problems in the packaging of convenience food that needs to be eaten for many times. The zipper bag, which is widely used in foreign countries, is not widely used in domestic convenience food packaging. The combination of plastic "pull lock" and laser scoring technology will provide real convenience for convenience foods that need to be resealed

the diversity of food packaging provides a broad space for food packaging designers to imagine and experiment. Food design is getting rid of the single graphic design mode, and paying more attention to the function and structure, safety and health. The "wall insulation material foam" emphasized inside refers to the in-depth understanding of the consumption habits of the core material of the insulation material

food packaging has gradually evolved from individual behavior to collective behavior. This group includes not only food engineers, packaging engineers and marketing personnel from within the enterprise, but also packaging structure engineers and graphic designers from design companies, as well as engineers from production enterprises such as printing plants

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