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The performance of some super fiber leathers exceeds that of natural leather. For a long time, there has been a strange phenomenon in the domestic leather market. The industry calls it "making leather into artificial leather" and "making artificial leather into imitation leather". Sometimes even professionals can not tell the true from the false "of leather products in the market. For example, some lacquered leather and coated leather almost lost the performance of leather. However, the super fiber synthetic (artificial) leather, which was launched only a few years ago, has reached a high degree of consistency with the leather in terms of fiber internal structure and use performance, especially in terms of fiber appearance. Baoruan pointed out that when it was just launched, its selling price was calculated according to the same unit of measurement, and even exceeded that of genuine leather. In the domestic market, the dislocation development of this kind of leather and synthetic leather has brought a great negative impact on the superior performance of leather

as we all know, the reason why leather products are popular is that as a processed product of natural materials, leather products have many incomparable advantages over synthetic materials, such as air permeability, water vapor permeability, wear resistance, folding resistance, etc. This is because leather has a natural protein fiber structure, and the hair, glands, fiber stroma, etc. in animal skin are removed in the process of leather processing, Thus, the above excellent performance is endowed

fortunately, the vigorous development of synthetic leather industry has brought us a surprise. The development of synthetic leather is not only reflected in the breakthrough in quantity, but also in the leap in quality. High end technology makes up for the shortcomings of natural leather raw materials and manufacturing technology

the appearance of superfine fiber PU synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather. The non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure creates conditions for synthetic leather to catch up with and surpass natural leather in terms of substrate. This product, combined with the newly developed processing technology of Pu slurry impregnation with open pore structure and composite surface layer, plays a huge surface area and strong water absorption role of ultra-fine fibers, making ultra-fine PU synthetic leather have the inherent moisture absorption characteristics of natural leather with fascicular ultra-fine collagen fibers. Therefore, no matter from the internal microstructure, Or the appearance, texture and physical properties, and the comfort of people wearing the sample with the cutting edge facing up on the support can be comparable to high-grade natural leather. In addition, superfine fiber synthetic leather is superior to natural leather in chemical resistance, quality uniformity, large-scale production and processing adaptability, waterproof and mildew resistance

pu synthetic leather spline is placed on the two supports of the fixed machine tool of the experimental machine. It has outstanding wear resistance, strength and toughness, solvent resistance, oil resistance, high cutting rate and other excellent properties. It is widely used in sports and leisure shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes, bags, sofas (household appliances), belts, ticket clips, stationery, automobile interiors and other products. It is gradually established in Xiamen, East China The three major manufacturing bases in Southwest China are ideal natural leather substitutes. Especially with the continuous technological breakthrough of PU synthetic leather in recent years, synthetic leather has surpassed natural leather in many excellent properties

at the same time, natural leather has environmental protection problems, which further indicates that super fiber is the best alternative to leather

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