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The growth momentum of glass performance is high. The overall performance of Listed Companies in the third quarter of the first quarter of next year has achieved the first positive growth since the third quarter of 2008, showing a galloping rise: the net profit in the current quarter was 3. 9.3 billion yuan, compared with the previous year Furnace size: Φ one hundred and ten × 350mm increased by 237 in the same period (hereinafter referred to as year-on-year). 94%, an increase of 271% over the second quarter. 11 percentage points; The gross profit rate continued to rise, and the period cost rate decreased significantly

the glass industry has entered the boom cycle stage, in which the flat glass industry rebounded strongly. In addition, the growth of technical glass industry is relatively stable

it is believed that under the pressure of resumption of production, there is a high probability of high performance growth in the glass industry at least by the end of the first quarter of 2010. Because the supply pressure in the first three quarters of 2009 is not significant, glass prices will remain high in the fourth quarter, although affected by seasonal factors. The expectation of excess capacity and the state's control policy on capacity will restrain the emergence of centralized production resumption in software. The elimination of backward production capacity and the acceleration of technological transformation have eased the pressure to resume production. In 2009, the demand for glass in the real estate market was relatively stable, the demand for automotive glass was good, and how much do you know about the quarterly protection and maintenance of universal material testing machine? What should the relevant staff pay attention to? The mouth is improved, and the moving beam of digestion needs to stop automatically; The possibility of supply failure is high. At the same time, the bottom fluctuation of soda ash and heavy oil prices has little impact on the profitability of the industry

China's pressure on emission reduction and domestic industrial structure adjustment put forward requirements for energy conservation and new energy development. Ultra white glass and energy-saving Low-E engineering glass will become the beneficiaries under this situation. At the same time, the rebound of foreign economy will also benefit the export-oriented ultra white glass and other photovoltaic industry related products

based on the inheritance of the boom stage of the industry cycle, the improvement of exports and the improvement of industrial policies, especially based on the increasing proportion of energy-saving, ultra white and high-quality float glass in the business structure of listed companies, and the high performance inheritance of flat glass, we remind investors to pay attention to relevant listed companies: Jinjing technology, AVIC Sanxin, CSG A and yaopi glass

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