Five maintenance methods to extend the service lif

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There is no doubt about the importance of wood floor maintenance. There are many ways to maintain wood floor. How to use and maintain it correctly to maximize the service life of wood floor

1. The last paving of wood floor maintenance

wood floor paving should be the last process of decoration. Only in this way can the wooden floor be protected from damage after paving to the greatest extent. Owners who plan to install iron stairs at home should pay particular attention to this, otherwise you will be devastated when sparks splash

2. Avoid scratches in the maintenance of wooden floors

develop good habits in daily living, so as not to drag heavy objects on the wooden floor; Change your shoes (preferably soft soled) when you enter the house, and don't take foreign matters home

3. Fire prevention and scalding prevention of wood floor maintenance

fire prevention should be put in the first place at all times. Friends with children at home should teach children not to play with fire at home

4. Keep the wooden floor dry during maintenance

keep the wooden floor dry and clean at all times. Don't think that your wooden floor is not afraid of water because of its good quality. That's just the publicity of the business. It is wise to choose neutral floor cleaner to clean the wooden floor at home, because acidic and alkaline cleaning products will damage the brightness of the wooden floor

5. Timely cleaning of wood floor maintenance

if dirt is found on the wood floor, it should be cleaned in time. Because many stains are corrosive, these stains will gradually penetrate into the texture of the wooden floor, and may not be cleaned up by then




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