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There are more precautions for second-hand house inspection than for new house inspection. The second-hand house has been living for many years. When checking the second-hand house, we should pay more attention to the quality of the second-hand house, waterproof and leak proof, as well as some hidden problems. Next, we will introduce the precautions for second-hand house inspection in detail

1. The initial transaction time of second-hand housing

the first thing to look at in the inspection of second-hand housing is the time of a transaction of second-hand housing. From the initial transaction time to the purchase time of the second-hand house, you can know the life span of the house and the planning of the house

2. Reasons for the original householder to sell the house

understand the reasons for the second-hand house householder to sell the house, if it is the aging of the house, municipal planning, demolition, Feng Shui of the second-hand house, etc. If the original owner just because of selling or lack of money or have a better house, then don't worry. If it is a house quality problem, an aging house or a house that needs to be demolished in violation of municipal planning, it is best not to buy it

3. Check the house type map of the second-hand house

when checking the house, you should show the house type map of the main house of the original house, and go to the field to see the surrounding environment of the house and the specific situation of the property and community, which is also good for living in the future

4. The second-hand house inspection is to count the attached items

when checking the second-hand house, remember to count the items promised by the original owner. Make a list of the attached items according to the model, quantity, specification and brand. In second-hand housing transactions, free gifts are also included in the purchase cost. Moreover, it can also be used in the decoration of second-hand houses to reduce the decoration cost of second-hand houses in the future

5. Indoor facilities and quality problems of second-hand houses

whether there are quality or defects in the second-hand houses when they are sold, such as cracks in the walls, water seepage in the ceiling, moisture return, etc. Whether the house has cracks is mainly on the wall and ground. Water seepage refers to quality problems such as roof leakage, water tank leakage, floor leakage, water supply and drainage pipe leakage, sanitary ware leakage and wall seepage

6. Flexibility of doors and windows

check whether the window is leaking, whether the windowsill has water stains, and whether the windowsill is cracked with light hands. Whether the door and window switches are flexible and whether there is special sound on the switch. Whether the door plug is inserted too little; Whether the latch and lock of the door are too long and tight. Whether the paint on the door is intact, whether the inside and outside of the door are smooth and flat, and whether there are bumps

7. Check defects in the acceptance of second-hand houses

remember to cover up furniture, beds or other large items to see if there are defects on the ground during the acceptance of second-hand houses. Some homeowners use furniture to cover up the irreparable defects of the house itself

8. The cost of the original owner of the second-hand house

when the second-hand house is inspected, confirm that the original owner has settled the expenses he said, such as water and electricity, gas, telephone, television, Internet, property management fees, etc., so as to avoid bearing unnecessary expenses

9. Whether the certificates and transfer procedures of the second-hand house are complete

when checking and accepting the second-hand house, it depends on whether the certificates delivered by the building are complete, such as the maintenance fund. It must be clear whether the owner has paid it, so as to avoid causing his own losses

10. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the house during the inspection of second-hand houses

pay attention to whether the house is clean and whether there is residual construction waste during the inspection of second-hand houses. Check whether there is garbage in all detachable spaces





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