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The immature industry requires all wallpaper practitioners to work together. Improving management is an urgent task at present. At the same time, we should pay more attention to the power of brand and take the road of branding

in 2014, the most heard words are: economic depression, market depression. In such a market situation, most practitioners in the same industry are at a loss and are confused about finding a way out. Faced with the continuous influx of emerging capital into the wallpaper industry, the competition in the wallpaper market has deteriorated, accompanied by a bottomless price war. Participating in price competition is not a long-term plan for enterprises. Only by ensuring reasonable profits can they enter a benign development

market status: the wallpaper industry is immature

the utilization rate of Chinese wallpaper in home decoration is low. According to statistics, the utilization rate of wallpaper in Europe and the United States is more than 50%, that in Japan and South Korea is more than 98%, and that in China is basically only used in big cities, and the utilization rate is only nearly 10%. The first reason is that consumers do not know enough about wallpapers, and there are some misunderstandings

first, mistakenly think it is not environmental friendly. People's understanding of wallpaper is still in the 1980s and 1990s. A considerable number of Chinese consumers believe that painting is better than pasting wallpaper. One reason is that pasting wallpaper is not environmentally friendly. China only began to produce the first roll of wallpaper in 1978, 100 years later than Europe and the United States, and 20 or 30 years later than Japan and South Korea. The country has not effectively introduced foreign product environmental protection standards, and the technology, raw material selection and glue used for pavement do not meet environmental protection standards, resulting in the smell of wallpaper, and people think that wallpaper is not environmental friendly

second, it is mistaken for poor quality. 8、 Due to the unsatisfactory design, material and production of wallpapers produced in the 1990s, there are many problems such as curling, untidy flowers, monotonous designs and colors, fading, rough manufacturing and so on, which make Wallpapers unacceptable to consumers. At this time, the paint represented by Nippon Paint began to enter the domestic home decoration market in large quantities, and the wallpaper fell back, and the whole industry fell into a trough

third, mistakenly think that the price is too high. The reason is that Wallpapers appeared in high-end public places such as high-end restaurants, embassies and foreign-related restaurants in the 1980s and 1990s, and consumers subconsciously positioned wallpapers as "luxury goods". In addition, the wallpaper industry is kidnapped by channels, dealers and stores, and the price cannot be reduced, which is also a reason for affecting the market volume

get out of the dilemma: focus on management and build a brand

the immature industry requires all wallpaper practitioners to work together. Improving management is an urgent task at present. Due to the low entry threshold of the wallpaper industry, most wallpaper enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, which are facing more or less management disadvantages. Some operators only look at the enterprise from the perspective of investment, do not develop in the long run, and do not pay attention to management, resulting in low quality of employees, high operating costs, poor product competitiveness and other problems. This is extremely detrimental to the development of the industry

modern enterprises are brave to innovate without tradition, with more refined management, more humane system and more perfect assessment. Facing the main force of the post-80s and even post-90s in the workplace, advanced management concepts can not only improve employees' work enthusiasm, operation quality and efficiency, but also their unique innovative thinking will inject fresh vitality into the enterprise and help the enterprise move forward steadily in the rapidly changing economic tide

at the same time, we should pay more attention to the power of brand. In the building materials industry, there are many well-known brands. There are icons on the floor, Nobel on the tiles, Nippon on the coatings, and wallpaper, but it is difficult for consumers to say a brand. This is the serious lack of industry brands. Now, the wallpaper industry is like being in the "Warring States period", with separate regimes and scuffles

in the past 10 years, the vigorous development of the wallpaper industry has made many enterprises busy with the rush of orders, but ignored the shaping of their own brands. An excellent brand can not only improve the added value of products for enterprises, but also guide consumers to choose. Through understanding the brand, consumers can deepen their understanding of the wallpaper industry, so as to promote the development of the whole industry. Brand building is also the process of cultivating the market, so that consumers can change from price orientation to brand orientation, and gradually improve consumers' loyalty to the brand

brand building involves all aspects. First of all, enterprises need to do their own management well. Excellent team and product quality are the cornerstone of brand building. Secondly, enterprises should have a correct attitude and an honest and open brand in order to win the trust and support of consumers. Then, the brand needs effective promotion and increased interaction with users in order to help the brand grow

the traditional brand promotion mainly focuses on TV, radio and various plane launches. With the advent of the era of big data and Internet, the way of brand promotion has undergone earth shaking changes. The latest survey shows that the Internet has become the first choice for wallpaper information. 43% of wallpaper product information is transmitted and reached through Internet channels. Compared with traditional radio and television advertising, consumers are more inclined to obtain information through the Internet. The way of Internet sharing facilitates consumers to get effective evaluation information, and then make choices for brands with good reputation. Nowadays, consumers pay more attention to sensory experience. Their own feelings directly lead to the choice of consumption, and then affect the choice of surrounding people. Therefore, wallpaper enterprises should put aside their traditional thinking, spread their thinking, and find their own way of development in the general trend of the Internet economy

company profile

Zhejiang Kexiang wallpaper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a group company specializing in wallpaper R & D, production and sales. It has three major brands: Kexiang wallpaper, Kadiya wallpaper and Christie (USA) wallpaper, and more than 1000 franchise terminals are distributed in all levels of the country. With a total area of more than 100 mu, the factory has more than 10 world-class production lines and an annual output of tens of millions of square meters, ranking in the forefront of the industry over the years. The company's products cover all kinds of home decoration, high and low-grade engineering, and sell well in China. At the same time, they are exported to various markets in Europe, America, Africa and Asia

company vision

to be the first brand of Chinese wallpaper

business philosophy

1. With the purposes of "dedicated research and development", "dedicated manufacturing", "dedicated promotion", "considerate service" and "assured consumption", build consumer brands

2. Constantly innovate and lead the trend of the industry




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