Modern vs. rural 120 square meter residential Aest

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Case 1: elegant modern home building form: Elevator Huaxia

space area: nearly 120 square meters indoors

indoor pattern: four rooms and two halls

building materials used: Cypress solid wood panels, rattan paint, pursed stones, imitation rock floor tiles, system cabinets, imported wallpaper

minimalist image guide line charm

as soon as the porch enters the door, the storage cabinet design suspended in the middle on the left uses the soft indirect light from the hollowed out upper and lower parts and the central display area to foil the vertical and horizontal lines of the facade washing chain, and immediately shows the extraordinary spatial tension. Facing the special stone wall of the gate, the simple gray volume cuts the porch floor, echoes the imitation slate floor tiles on the ground, and makes the emotional absorption of the evaporation depth of the first impression. At the same time, it takes into account the barrier vision, guides the moving line, and makes the characteristic porch more self independent. Fresh and bright, it seems to be a particularly pleasing public space. The color configuration is mainly white, supplemented by natural wood grain and gray block surface, matched with the fitting furniture configuration, and the dynamic line is connected with an open and complementary functional relationship to create an open and personalized living space. The inherent advantage of being located on a high floor brings the outdoor natural scenery into the environmental conditions. Through the introduction of a large area of open windows, the visual depth of field is brought by the scenery effect, and through the media of various natural materials, the complex lines are reduced to simple lines, and the refinement of the space and unique humanistic temperament are flexibly structured

natural materials conserve the sense of space leisure

the clean living room area has rich natural light, and through the conversion and adjustment of the window screen, the harmonious modern style home decoration, color layout, and more vivid light and shadow levels. The main wall of the TV is deliberately left blank, echoing the solid wood columns of the adjacent facades and the special natural style of the audio-visual cabinet table with cypress solid wood panels. The back wall of the sofa is an important device focus here. The designer uses the facade modeling vocabulary and gray-scale color of the imitation clear water mold to achieve the background effect of constant color temperature, which virtually widens the established vision. The dining room is diagonally adjacent to the living room. The simplified White Dining cabinet lines beside the dining table and the waist display cabinet are equipped with solid wood countertops and lights to form a clean picture processing. The solid wood panel sliding door entering the kitchen is well-organized, and the delicate touch has the temperature from nature. When it is implemented, it is flush with the skyline under the beam, erasing the impression of the "door" system, and thinking with a moving facade, It can better show the neatness and integrity of large pieces of noodles and selected natural materials





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