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Although a detailed budget has been prepared before the decoration, unexpected expenses continue to appear in the decoration. Ms. Huang, who was decorating, said helplessly that the invisible handle of the cabinet, the installation of the floor, and the tile adhesive in the bathroom &hellip& hellip; The unplanned hidden expenses made her decoration expenses go up. After running around the stores, Miss Huang found that many building materials have unexpected hidden costs. Originally, I thought that laying the floor in the living room could save money for Tilers, but I didn't expect that the floor also had a large installation fee. Miss Huang calculated an account for the reporter: the tiling fee for Tilers is 50 yuan/square meter, but the installation fee for solid wood floors is 50 yuan to 60 yuan/square meter, and the installation fee for solid wood multi-layer floors is 15 yuan to 18 yuan/square meter. If all the dining rooms and rooms with three bedrooms and one living room are paved with solid wood floors, the area is about 80 square meters, Then the installation cost alone will be more than 4000 yuan, which is far beyond the budget. The handle of the cabinet is free for the open handle, but the charge of the hidden handle ranges from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan a linear meter. If you choose the hidden handle, at least 1000 yuan will be added to the budget. An insider told reporters that the hardware accessories of wood products are charged separately, and the wooden door has a lock and a door stopper; Cabinets have hinges, air supports, damping drawers, etc; The wardrobe has pulleys, clothes hangers, pants racks, etc. the cost of hardware is generally 10% - 20% of the total price. Compared with building materials, the invisible cost of home decoration is far more outrageous. The windows and balconies should be glued today, the tiles should be glued tomorrow, and the doorstones should be installed the day after tomorrow. The owner Xiao Chen also encountered a shocking addition. Due to the shift of the bathroom at home, the project manager told her that she needed to shift the equipotential at home together, and overcharged her 2000 yuan. ◆ avoidable hidden costs can be avoided. The reporter learned that some hidden costs are inevitable. The installation fee of the floor has been available for several years, but the price in these years is higher year by year. The installation fee of some brands and the cost of auxiliary materials such as skirting line are nearly 150 yuan/square meter. Although the hardware cost of cabinet and wardrobe is inevitable, if you choose domestic accessories, you can reduce the expenditure. Generally speaking, the price of domestic accessories is more than 30% cheaper than that of imported accessories. In home decoration, some hidden costs can be avoided. A person in the industry who does floor heating said that many home decoration companies like to apply waterproof before and after the floor heating in the bathroom. It is the so-called double-layer waterproof. It sounds like it is for the owners to consider, but in fact it is unnecessary. The toilet only needs to be waterproof once. After the floor heating is paved, waterproofing is icing on the cake. In addition, because there are too many variables in the construction process of home decoration, there are often unexpected expenses. The owner writes this part of the cost into the contract to avoid being in a passive situation when there are disputes




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