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With the advent of the "golden nine and silver ten" decoration peak season, many consumers began to rush about for the decoration of their new houses. This season is exactly the peak period for students to return to school at the beginning of school, and many parents also began to be busy rebuilding student houses. How is the student room decorated? What's the difference with children's room? How to successfully upgrade children's room to student room? Take a look at the student room decoration knowledge that Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian shared for you, and quickly solve the doubts in your heart

details of student room decoration I: functional design pays attention to zoning

the main function of student room is to focus on learning, and the space should be formally divided into two areas: rest area and learning area. Generally speaking, the head of the bed is close to the wall of the entrance door, and a group of L-shaped study desks are mostly made at the opposite window, so that the zoning is clear and the learning time line is sufficient, while the L-shaped corner desk will maximize the use of space and make up for the defect that the area of the student room is often small. If the desk is not against the window, the window area is relatively large, or the position is low, it is best to install guardrails to reduce the risk

details of student room decoration II: unpainted solid wood furniture

panel furniture is mostly pasted with urea formaldehyde resin glue, with high formaldehyde content; The surface of solid wood furniture is insect proof and stain resistant, while the paint sprayed contains benzene, which is not conducive to the health of students. Therefore, students usually choose pure solid wood furniture without painting. At present, pine is used as the raw material of student furniture in the market, and its price is relatively cheaper than that of solid wood furniture made of other wood. Parents can choose the style suitable for their children

detail 3 of student room decoration: environmental protection of materials to avoid hidden dangers

like furniture, the decoration materials of student room should also be environmental protection. Latex paint is of good application quality and can be diluted with water. The formaldehyde emission of this paint is almost zero, and there is not much pollution. The ceiling is mainly made of light steel keel gypsum board, and well-known brands are selected to ensure environmental protection. The wires are usually Kunlun brand wires, which have good safety and prevent leakage. Try to keep as many sockets in the room as possible, so as to avoid potential safety hazards due to insufficient sockets. In order to prevent children's fingers from inserting into the eyelets, sockets with covers can be selected

detail 4 of student room decoration: the lighting equipment is suitable far and near.

the lamps and lanterns of student room decoration should pay attention to the addition of desk lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., so that students, whether in front of the desk or on the bed, try to choose the lamps close to each other to read, and use less main lights (i.e. room top lights) to read. Home decoration designers stressed that warm lights should be selected in color, and the aperture and halo should be soft, not too dazzling. Long time, too bright light is also not conducive to eye health. The height and brightness of the desk lamp should preferably be adjustable

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according to children's different learning needs, increase the corresponding storage space, such as adding a bookcase or bookshelf to store their increasing books, or setting up a bed frame with upper and lower bunks. One floor is a bed, and the other floor is a drawing book, toys, or made into a wardrobe. On the one hand, it increases the storage space, and on the other hand, it can also cultivate children's habit of keeping the room clean

change the color of the room according to the child's age. If the main function of the children's room is entertainment, then the student room is learning, and its tone should be mainly elegant

change to wear-resistant and durable ground materials, such as composite solid wood flooring. Because it not only avoids the formaldehyde problem of laminate flooring, but also is more environmentally friendly and more durable than solid wood flooring, which is easy to take care of




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