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Nurses overwhelmed with anxiety and stress due to collapse of the health centres - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The impact of the sixth wave of coronavirus is taking its toll on health personnel, especially in the health centrest necessarily appearing, where staff are suffering fatigue, stress and anxiety due to the daily collapse of care for respiratory patients. “After the long weekend in December, COVID cases began to rise sharply. If in a quiet period we called about 50 people, now every morning there are between 180 and 200,” explains Ana Company, a nurse at an outpatient clinic in the Migjorn area.

In her centre there is a reinforcement of two extra workers but “they are not enough,” she explains. Company believes that this situation of “overwhelming workload” is common to the whole island and warns thatPersonal gatherings, after almost two years of pandemic, “we are very tired, with anxiety, insomnia, sick leave due to depression … the nerves are at the surface, we do not even talk well among us. We can’t stand it anymore,” she said.

At the Son Rullán health centre in Palma, there is only one person attending to COVID cases. “In the end we had to turn to helping respiratory patients, in addition to continuing with our tasksToronto police,Car theft,auto theft,lexus,Honda,Toyota,Ford,KMI1,ITC2,smg_canada,smg2_news,InHouseArticle_thestar,starlock,topstory,” adds Cristina Elías. “Between face-to-face consultations, information calls or InfoCOVID referralsThe same time that vaccine administration i, which are saturated, the queue of patients leaves the health centre,” she acknowledges. “The other day there was a moment when I had to go outside to breathe, tears were flowing because I couldn’t take it anymorein his view. And we are all like that,” she assures, as does her colleague. Elías explains that there are citizens who wait between an hour or an hour and a half to be seen in the respiratory consultation, “people get desperate but there is only one…. The rest of us are helping”The system ahead of a June rollout where four times as many people as that will be vaccinated each day..

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