Cyrusone, the hottest company, opened its fifth in

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Cyrusone opened its fifth data center in Houston

recently, cyrusone, an American data center hosting expert, opened another data center in Houston

cyrusone held an open day on December 3 for the first phase of its west data center facility project in Houston, inviting industry participants to visit. Once the construction of the data center is completed, it will provide 450000 square feet of space that can change the moving speed of the beam and up to 96 megawatts of power capacity

cyrusone's Houston westiii data center

cyrusone owns and operates 31 neutral data centers around the world. The company has achieved rapid expansion through large-scale modular architecture. The company claims to be able to provide a complete server farm in the shortest time. For example, the company established its second data center in Phoenix in just 107 days

the main business of the 45 acre West Houston data center park is to implement the seismic exploration calculation of the Houston geophysical center, and most of its servers are used for the exploration of oil and natural gas reserves

with the establishment of the third data center, the available space of the data center park will reach nearly onemillion square feet, making it the largest data center park in the state

the strategic positioning of the data center is to connect cyrusone's data centers and connect them to the main metro network platforms

with the advanced Anzhu powder reduction value becoming relatively flat, full function, power capacity and connection capacity, Houston West data center park has a strong attraction for different enterprises in various vertical industries. Scott, chief marketing officer of cyrusone? Brugman said

due to the rapid growth of data and applications, as well as the requirements of high-performance computing and connectivity, enterprises continue to expand their IT infrastructure. Many technology leaders cooperate with cyrusone to meet their needs for flexible and scalable data center space. German Aerospace Center studies new technologies for the production of composite aircraft components. Brugman said

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