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Blindly reducing prices is not the fundamental solution to the demand for iron ore

with the continuous improvement of China's economic status and the continuous development of China's hardware industry, at present, China's demand for stainless steel tool hardware is increasing, and more and more stainless steel hardware products are exported to other countries, while the increase in overseas demand directly drives the increase in the product output of China's domestic foundry enterprises. This also means that the vigorous development of the stainless steel hardware industry will provide a solid market foundation for the development of the casting industry. A few days ago, Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, revealed that a new casting technology of casting die-casting mold developed by domestic casting enterprises such as pneumatic fixture has successfully broken the monopoly of foreign advanced countries on China's die-casting mold industry technology, marking that the development of China's die-casting mold industry has ushered in a new development, The key to the development of die casting industry is to occupy the independent R & D and use right of high-end technology. In this regard, the rise of the foundry industry will also promote the development of stainless steel hardware tools to a certain extent

however, the weakness of the stainless steel market makes it difficult to release the demand of the steel market. It is reported that the waste stainless steel market has been seriously frustrated recently due to the impact of the continuous fluctuation of nickel prices and the sluggish downstream demand of merchants. The sluggish stainless steel market has also directly led to difficulties in the domestic steel market, of which iron ore is the most affected. Due to the decline in demand for stainless steel, the iron ore shipment rate of the port has decreased frequently, and the price of cast iron specimens has also increased. Finally, the iron ore backlog has occurred in most ports

many people in the industry worry that blindly reducing prices may not be the fundamental solution to the demand of iron natural producers for different electrode connecting wires to choose different connector ores to deal with this problem. As the current stainless steel market demand is still weak, it is difficult to have a significant release, so the time for the current steel market to reverse is not ripe. It is expected that the domestic steel price will continue to show a weak consolidation pattern in the later stage, although the current LUNI price has begun to rise, returning to above $17000. However, as the leading wind vane of stainless steel cost, the rebound of nickel price has not stimulated the recovery of stainless steel market. Although individual businesses have slightly increased the price, the overall market situation and this idea has been weakened by many cushion material manufacturers before and after. It has become the consensus of businesses to maintain low price delivery. Therefore, in the short term, the increase of nickel price cannot change the reality of stainless steel downturn

in this regard, Luo Baihui said that July may be an opportunity for domestic stainless steel to turn around. If the stainless steel market continues to maintain a sideways consolidation trend, with the further introduction of national easing policies and the acceleration of large-scale project approval, the situation after the third quarter is relatively optimistic. It is possible that the stainless steel market will rebound in July, but the specific rebound range will still be determined by demand

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