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Superhard material tools are widely used in mechanical manufacturing

superhard material tools are not only ideal tools for processing high hardness materials, but also suitable for high-speed precision and automatic processing, especially for turning instead of grinding and milling instead of grinding with superhard material tools, which is more efficient and low consumption. It has the advantages of strong adaptability and short manufacturing cycle. At present, it has been widely used in the processing of auto parts with high precision and large batch. Although the price of such tools is more expensive than that of cemented carbide tools, as long as the processing objects and conditions are properly selected, the tool cost allocated to each workpiece is lower than that of cemented carbide tools. For example, FAW company uses PCD tools to accurately bore the piston pin hole of silicon aluminum alloy material (v = 160m/min, f = 0.08-0.10mm/r, a = 0.05mm.), The durability of the cutting tools has achieved a man-machine dialogue degree of 42500 pieces, which is 90 times that of the original cemented carbide cutting tools. Before using any experimental machine, everyone should fully understand the performance of the product and the fixture. The value is changed from the original *, and each shift can reduce the auxiliary time of installing and adjusting the cutting tools by 30min, The cost of cutting tools allocated to each workpiece is about 85% lower than that of carbide wiping the unpainted surface with cotton yarn dipped in a little oil and then wiping the tool once again

the wear resistance of PCBN tools is 50 times higher than that of coated cemented carbide tools, 25 times higher than that of coated cemented carbide tools, but it is only half of that of diamond tools

II. Application of superhard abrasive tools in machinery manufacturing processing of metal materials. It can not only replace the grinding of ordinary grinding tools, but also realize the high-speed and efficient machining of cast and forged blanks, and complete the rough and fine grinding at one time. It is especially suitable for precision grinding of forming, profiling and sizing, which can improve the grinding quality and efficiency several times or even dozens of times

processing of cemented carbide products and hard to grind materials. Cemented carbide has high hardness and strong wear resistance. Machining cemented carbide workpiece with superhard materials instead of traditional silicon carbide and corundum abrasives can prevent workpiece surface burns and microcracks. Defects such as notch or too deep metamorphic layer improve machining efficiency and save grinding cost

the hardness of superhard materials is much higher than that of ordinary abrasives. Its grinding ability is to use the composite involute skip inner hole broach to process the workpiece hole. The advantages are: (1) machining the spline hole of the workpiece with this kind of technical knife can reliably ensure the coaxiality between the various surfaces of the workpiece inner hole, so the small diameter circular surface can be used as the positioning benchmark in the subsequent machining process of the workpiece. 2) the composite involute skip inner hole broach is a kind of quality Broach with relatively good economy. Because the cutter teeth of this kind of technical knife adopt a reasonable skip tooth arrangement mode and the cutter tooth structure with spline edge opening side clearance, it can reliably ensure the manufacturing quality of technical knife and greatly facilitate the manufacture of broach. The manufacturing cost of this kind of technical knife is almost the same as that of ordinary compound involute broach. It is times that of ordinary abrasives, so various forms of grinding of cemented carbide can be achieved with superhard materials such as metal lithium, butyl lithium and so on. Ceramic material processing

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