Cutting edge method of packaging the hottest wine

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Cutting edge methods of wine packaging

nowadays, more and more wine brands are trying to get rid of the disorderly wine bottle packaging and replace wine bottles with unique substitutes. Thus, the brewing process can develop more continuously and steadily, and get more consumers' favor

can bottling

a few producers have begun to try to put wine in cans, which come from the Frances Forte Coppola winery in Sofia, Bulgaria, and even have straw on them. In this way, when drinking wine, you won't get stained with your teeth and avoid letting air enter the wine quickly

aluminum bottles

aluminum bottles have been used for beer packaging for many years, and filling wine in aluminum wine bottles is conducive to maintaining the best drinking temperature of wine

bag in box

recently, bag in box wine has become widely popular, and its popularity has also increased significantly. This is a convenient, affordable and environment-friendly packaging form composed of a flexible inner bag with a sealed faucet and a carton outer packaging

3. The crossbeam can be adjusted quickly and slowly during sample clamping. Tetra Pak is very similar to juice box or milk packaging box. The packaging itself is composed of multiple levels (six levels to be exact), which is designed to protect the wine from some adverse factors (UV, humidity, etc.)

mini plastic bucket

the plastic Mini bucket from redtruck seems to be an imitation and Transcendence of the beer industry. It will become more and more popular and firmly occupy the refrigerator or wine cabinet

Astra foil bag

another rising star of non glassware substitutes is Astra pouch. This kind of high-tech foil bag, which is similar to children's water absorption cup, is made by Astra pouch company in South Africa. It is very light and can hold 1.5 liters, which is equivalent to two standard specification wine bottles; After unpacking, the freshness of the wine can be maintained for a month

liquid (wine or Baijiu) flows out slowly at the bottom from an easy-to-use small valve, rather than through a small hole in the Pacific cooler that seems to be unable to be opened all the time, which is very convenient to use

pre filled glass

the stress of the material will be reduced. This kind of glass was once very popular in wine tasting clubs. This kind of glass must press the power supply and reset key. We know that the national norms for high temperature tensile tests have rules: the round sample is filled with rib, and the red wine cup is made of high polymer plastic polyester, and the upper part is sealed with tin paper. The full name of polyester is actually polyethylene terephthalate

ceramic bottle

glass bottle making process is gradually standardized and popular with the maturity of glass blowing technology; But before that, ceramic bottles have been widely used. At that time, the ancient Greeks used pottery pots to drink wine. The latest bottle making technology made by mercurial silver achieved the effect of killing two birds with one stone, giving up glass bottles and using ceramic bottles of wine

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