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Cutting principle of plasma cutting machine

plasma is a gas heated to extremely high temperature and highly ionized. It transfers arc power to work. The high heat makes the workpiece melt and blow away, such as poor temperature control or oil pressure control, forming the working state of plasma arc cutting. After the compressed air enters the cutting torch, it is divided into two channels by the gas chamber, that is, plasma gas and auxiliary gas are formed. The plasma gas arc melts the metal, while the auxiliary gas cools all parts of the cutting torch and blows away the melted metal



- formation of independent electrons and ions

- changes in temperature and electronic properties. In addition,

- compression arc thermal cutting process (plasma beam)

plasma beam:

- high temperature (energy)

- high kinetic energy (fast air flow)

plasma beam burns materials and blows away molten slag


plasma cutting with different working gases can cut all kinds of metals that are difficult to cut with oxygen, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel); Its main advantage is that some students have done a questionnaire survey in Colleges and universities. When cutting metal with small thickness, the plasma cutting speed is fast, especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheet, the speed can reach 5~6 times that of oxygen cutting method, the cutting surface is smooth, the thermal deformation is small, and there is almost no heat affected zone! (the working gas is the conductive medium of the plasma arc and the heat carrier. At the same time, the molten metal in the notch should be excluded.)

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