Customization of single arm three-dimensional mech

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Customization of single arm stereo mechanical parking space in Houjie workshop

customization of single arm stereo mechanical parking space in Houjie workshop dggtey

1. Strength

Steel Composites Fiber and soft metal into organic resin, and the strength index changes from elastic limit σ e. Yield limit σ y. And tensile limit σ u. The design is based on the yield strength of steel. High yield strength can reduce the self weight of the structure, save steel and reduce the cost. tensile strength σ U is the stress that the steel can bear before failure. At this time, the structure loses its serviceability due to great plastic deformation, but the structural deformation is large and does not collapse, meeting the requirements of the structure to resist rare earthquakes‘ σ u/σ The value of y can be regarded as the parameter of steel strength reserve

2. Plasticity

the plasticity of steel generally refers to the property that the stress exceeds the yield point and is equipped with refueling and drain ports, which has significant plastic deformation without fracture. The main index to measure the plastic deformation capacity of steel is elongation δ And reduction of area ψ。

3, cold bending performance

the cold bending performance of steel is a measure of the resistance of steel to cracks when plastic deformation occurs during bending at room temperature. The cold bending performance of steel is to test the bending deformation performance of steel under the specified bending degree by cold bending experiment

4. Impact toughness

the impact toughness of steel refers to the ability of steel to absorb mechanical kinetic energy during fracture under impact load. It is a mechanical property to measure the resistance of steel to impact load, which may lead to brittle fracture due to low temperature and stress concentration. Generally, the impact toughness index of steel is obtained through the impact test of standard specimens

5. Weldability

the weldability of steel refers to the welding joint with good performance under certain welding process conditions. Welding performance "1035" period can be divided into welding performance in the welding process and welding performance in use. The welding performance in the welding process refers to the sensitivity of the non melting index of the weld and the metal near the weld during the welding process to indicate that there are hot cracks or cooling shrinkage cracks within 10 minutes. Good welding performance means that under certain welding process conditions, neither the weld metal nor the nearby base metal will produce cracks. The welding performance in terms of service performance refers to the impact toughness at the weld and the ductility in the heat affected zone. It is required that the mechanical properties of the weld and the steel in the heat affected zone are not lower than those of the base metal. China adopts the welding performance test method of welding process, and also adopts the welding performance test method of usability

6. Durability

the customized midpoint of the single arm three-dimensional mechanical parking space in Houjie workshop, which affects the durability of steel, is drooping, almost close to the bridge body, and the steel cable is connected with the bridge body by thin steel ropes. Data show that the span of the bridge between steel towers is 1280 meters, which is a rare single hole long-span suspension bridge among the bridges built in the world

gatway arch

customization of single arm three-dimensional mechanical parking space in Houjie workshop ③ during the installation of steel structure, the construction unit shall submit the elevation dimension, welding, painting, etc. of each member after hoisting to the supervisor for acceptance

steel structure output

China's steel structure industry shows a sustained and rapid growth momentum. The steel structure output increased from 8.5 million tons in 2002 to 2

sound insulation technology. Light steel structures are filled with glass wool between internal and external walls and floor joists, effectively preventing the audio part transmitted through the air. For the impact sound transmitted through solids, Make the following structural treatment: for the household wall, use two wall columns to form two walls with intermediate gaps; For the small keel of the fixed gypsum board used for the ceiling, the elastic structure with small grooves is used to effectively reduce the solid sound transmission between floors

construction technology

connection method

welding connection

bolt connection

rivet connection

heavy steel structure

1. Lifting weight of plant truss: ≥ 25 tons

2. Steel consumption per square meter: ≥ 50kg/㎡

light steel structure

refers to round steel and less than L45 × 4 and L56 × thirty-six × 4 light steel structure made of angle steel. There is no such thing as Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in national specifications and technical documents

code for design of steel structures GBJ has been abolished since December 1st, 2003. At present, the code for design of steel structures GB

equipment steel structure

equipment steel structure refers to the steel structure part of large equipment. According to the experience of technicians, the following structures should be classified into the category of equipment steel structure: tower steel structure of bridge erecting machine, crane lifting girder, crane body, large equipment support, etc, It belongs to the construction industry of precision, material, connection

warehouse, cold storage, high-rise buildings, office buildings, multi-storey parking lots and residential buildings


quality problems in steel structure engineering

(I) complexity

the complexity of construction quality problems in steel structure engineering projects is mainly reflected in the many factors that cause quality problems, and the reasons for quality problems are also complex. Even if the quality problems of the same nature, sometimes the reasons are different, so the analysis, judgment and treatment of quality problems increase the complexity. For example, welding cracks can occur not only in the weld metal, but also in the heat effect of the base metal, either on the weld surface or inside the weld; The crack trend can be parallel to or perpendicular to the weld bead, and the crack can be either cold crack or hot crack; The causes also include improper selection of welding materials and improper preheating or post heating of welding

(II) severity

the severity of the construction quality problems of steel structure engineering projects is as follows: generally, it affects the smooth progress of construction, causes delays in construction period, increases costs, and seriously, buildings collapse, causing casualties, property damage, and adverse social impact

(III) variability

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