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Engin plast developed CWS 3001 batch weighing machine and AF forced feeder

engin plast developed CWS 3001 batch weighing machine and AF forced feeder, which are specially used to process pet recycled materials with low apparent density, high temperature (generally why different materials with the same combustion grade reach 180 ℃) and low fluidity. Some processors have used these two kinds of equipment to produce 100% recycled PET in combination with existing extruders

cws 3001 batch weighing system is applicable to all kinds of extrusion lines, blow molding machines and injection machines, and can measure and mix up to 6 components (granular polymer, masterbatch, and grinding waste with PSA higher than 0.25 kg/cubic decimeter). The system can be directly installed on the processing machine instead of the feeding hopper, or installed on the ground to feed one or more feeding hoppers at the same time. The system includes a set of single weighing weight increasing equipment. The special batch weighing system for pet recycled materials independently measures each component according to the material characteristics and batch formula. After each component is weighed independently, the batch is unloaded into the mixer below

when the percentage of light pellets such as pet is high and the extruder requires extremely high feed uniformity, the AF system is more suitable. AF system is equipped with special forced feeding device and anti bridging device to ensure uniform feeding. AF forced feeder can be integrated with CWS 3001 batch weighing system, which is especially suitable for the purpose of high percentage of recycled PET (80% - 100%). In these applications, professionally designed mechanical equipment must be used to carry out difficult treatment (for example, recycled materials are light in weight and irregular in shape). If it is necessary to dehumidify and dry the recycled crystalline pet before it enters the extruder, it is ideal to adopt the above-mentioned heat preservation feeding system with strength equivalent to that of Thailand on the basis of completing the small-scale and pilot scale production

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