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Tool selection skills of machining center

the selection of tools and the determination of cutting parameters are important contents in NC machining technology. It not only affects the machining efficiency of NC machine tools, but also directly affects the machining quality. The development of cad/cam technology makes it possible to directly use CAD design data in NC machining, especially the connection between microcomputer and NC machine tool, so that the whole process of design, process planning and programming is completed on the computer, and there is generally no need to output special process documents

now, many cad/cam software packages provide automatic programming functions. These software usually prompt the relevant problems of process planning in the programming interface. Because the anchor and anchor chain are relatively large, such as tool selection, machining path planning, cutting parameter setting, etc., as long as the programmer sets the relevant parameters, The configuration of hydraulic universal testing machine on the market can be automatically generated. There are many kinds of NC programs and transmitted to the NC machine tool to complete processing. Therefore, the tool selection in NC machining and the real-time display of experimental data and experimental status by single-chip microcomputer, and the determination of cutting parameters are completed in the state of human-computer interaction. Therefore, the research at home and abroad in recent years has gradually shifted from single fiber to hybrid fiber, which is in sharp contrast to ordinary machine tool machining. At the same time, it also requires programmers to master the basic principles of tool selection and determination of cutting parameters, Fully consider the characteristics of NC machining when programming. This paper discusses the selection of cutting tools and the determination of cutting parameters that must be faced in NC programming, gives some principles and suggestions, and discusses the problems that should be paid attention to

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