Fire prevention in the hottest public places

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Fire prevention in public places

with the rapid development of China's economy, the quality of people's living standards has been continuously improved. At the same time of the development of material civilization, the development of spiritual civilization is not inferior. The number of public gathering places in entertainment places is increasing and the scale is expanding But when you enjoy the pleasure brought to you by entertainment, do you think of a question: "safety"? You may say that our entertainment venues are now well managed, and there are many security guards. Some are also equipped with various self-defense tools. But have you ever thought of "fire safety"

due to the poor fire safety awareness of the operators and managers of individual sites, or the fact that the fire-fighting facilities were not implemented in the construction process for their own meager financial interests, the fire management "improved at the same time. 5. Effective workspace: 150 × one hundred and fifty × The standard system of 240mm material industry is not in place, which can not effectively eliminate the potential fire hazards. In addition, such places are densely populated and have many combustible substances. Once a fire occurs, it is very easy to cause mass death and mass injury Therefore, we should pay attention to how to correctly understand the fire risk of public gathering places, take effective preventive measures to prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents in public gathering places

I. current fire situation in public places

according to the data of relevant departments, 74 and 309 people were killed in two fatal fire accidents in Jiaozuo, Henan and Luoyang, respectively. A fire broke out in Zhongbai commercial building in Jilin, resulting in 54 deaths and more than 70 injuries. The commercial building suffered heavy losses. It has aroused widespread concern at home and abroad The fire situation in public gathering places shows the characteristics of high occurrence frequency, large number of casualties, large economic losses and great social impact, which must be included in the scope of key management in the fire supervision work

II. Fire risk of public gathering places

according to the statistics of relevant departments, the prominent fire safety problems in such places are as follows:

(I) the interior decoration does not conform to the national fire safety standards

both parties need to connect one year in advance (II) incomplete fire-fighting facilities

(III) poor conditions for safe evacuation

(IV) electrical equipment installation is not standardized

(the elongation of five parts of materials can be above 1000%) it is unsafe to use fire and gas

(VI) the fire safety management system is not implemented

(VII) poor awareness of fire prevention by relevant fire directors

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