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Deli shares rose by the daily limit. It signed a 5.5 billion photovoltaic glass contract with Longji shares.

today, deli shares opened at 11.28 yuan. As of 09:30, the shares rose 10.05% to 11.28 yuan, sealing the daily limit. Yesterday (), the net inflow of the stock was 7.6094 million yuan, the main net inflow was 7.1361 million yuan, the medium single net inflow was 1.7052 million yuan, and the retail net outflow was -1.2319 million yuan. As of december31,2020, the operating income of Deli shares was RMB 78333million, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was RMB 5144242, a year-on-year decrease of 61.8713% and the basic earnings per share was RMB 0.0131

in recent years, deli glass (), which has been frequently extended, has won a large order of photovoltaic glass. On April 21, a person from the company's Securities Department told us that the photovoltaic glass project plans to ignite kilns by the end of this year. It is expected that the daily output of the project will reach 1000 tons, and the daily output of the project will reach 2000 tons by the end of next year

according to the announcement, deli and 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries of Longji Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed the long-term purchase agreement on photovoltaic glass and reached a cooperation intention on the sale of photovoltaic glass. The contract performance period is from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2026. The cooperation volume is not less than 250million square meters. The estimated total contract amount is about 5.531 billion yuan, accounting for 706% of the company's audited main business income of 78332 million yuan in 2020

in 2020, photovoltaic glass unexpectedly became a "upstart" in the rush for photovoltaic installation. Supply was once extremely scarce, and the price of the highest price increased by more than 70% compared with the lowest price in the year. Therefore, many companies were attracted to enter the layout. The new materials science and technology city broke ground to start construction, the "talent special zone" opinion was issued, and a 1billion yuan special fund for industrial development was established, including Deli shares, which is mainly engaged in daily-use glass

it is noted that the contract is signed by Deli solar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company registered in Tianhe Science Park, high tech Development Zone, Bengbu City, Anhui Province. The latter is still in the preparation period, so the delivery time agreed in this contract may be affected by the delay of the preparation progress

the production capacity has not been realized yet, but the long-term orders have been reached. In fact, although the quotation of photovoltaic glass fell by 30% in April this year due to the lower operating rate of downstream modules, the haze of supply chain shortage is still the biggest test for module manufacturers this year. Longji Co., Ltd. is the component manufacturer with the largest shipment volume at present. Previously, it locked the volume of silicon, glass and other scarce upstream raw materials through long order signing

it is worth noting that the current total contract amount of about RMB 5.531 billion is estimated at the current market price and does not constitute a price commitment. Due to the monthly negotiation of specific order prices, the transaction prices of subsequent actual test products may change during the life cycle. People from Deli said that the recent price is not a price reduction, but a return to the normal level, which will not affect the construction process of the company

industry analysts said that at present, the PV glass product series is continuously developing, and the glass has dropped from its previous high, indicating that its shortage has improved. At present, there are many new production lines under construction and preparation. In 2021, there is a high probability that the PV glass production capacity will increase by 9400t/d, and the year-end daily melting capacity may reach the level of 50000t/d. In the case that the supply-demand relationship affects the price, the bullish mentality of photovoltaic glass is not that PVC resin fails to penetrate into wood powder

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