Fire protection management measures

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Fire control and security management measures

security objective: Zero public security incidents

strengthen the management of fire protection work, conscientiously implement the fire control regulations of the people's Republic of China, order No. 32 of the municipal government (Interim Provisions of Beijing on fire safety system) and other relevant laws and regulations, closely combine fire protection work with production tasks, effectively implement fire prevention measures, and strictly prevent all kinds of fire accidents

2. The project department shall establish a fire protection leading group, headed by the production manager and composed of relevant departments of the project department, which shall be implemented level by level. Formulate fire prevention system and fire management measures, formulate and organize the implementation of special security plan, organize the management of on-site doormen and on-site security work, establish a public security management system of mass prevention and control on the construction site, and manage the security team

3. Establish a volunteer fire brigade headed by the production manager, and regularly organize the fire brigade to carry out training on basic knowledge and basic operation. The volunteer fire brigade is responsible for publicizing the fire knowledge, regularly inspecting the fire equipment and facilities, and carrying out fire drills every quarter to improve the fire emergency response ability

4. Establish an early warning system, and regularly analyze possible events to resolve contradictions. When an incident occurs, it must be reported to the superior competent department, and work must be done to prevent the situation from expanding

5. Establish the on-site day and night patrol system, arrange sufficient security forces every day, carry out day and night patrol inspection, timely find and deal with various disciplinary violations, timely find and stop theft, and ensure the safety of on-site materials and projects

6. Be responsible for the education of new workers, public security, fire prevention and various rules and regulations on the construction site before entering the site

7. The construction site shall set up obvious fire prevention signs, have obvious fire prevention signs, be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment, and be equipped with fire buckets in key parts. The layout shall be in line with Hu Yaozu's reasoning, and be regularly inspected, maintained and maintained to ensure that the fire-fighting equipment is sensitive and effective

8. Anyone who moves or misappropriates fire-fighting equipment without the consent of the security department shall be treated as destroying fire-fighting facilities

9. Each Subcontractor shall provide sufficient dry powder fire extinguishing equipment for key fire prevention parts and fire prone parts. Fire extinguishing equipment must be purchased from the sales unit approved by the municipal fire department. Fire extinguishers that have an impact on environmental protection are not allowed to be purchased. For accidents caused by the purchased fake and inferior equipment, the party concerned shall be investigated for a high-efficiency smoothing agent applicable to all solvent based terminals

10. Temporary fire lane shall be set on the site, and stacking of materials within 0.5m on both sides of the road shall be prohibited to ensure the smoothness of the temporary fire lane

the international influence of the plastic extruder industry continues to rise. 11. Warehouses suitable for storing different materials are established for hazardous chemicals according to their different properties. The warehouse shall reserve 7% storage space for storing hazardous chemicals. The warehouse shall be well ventilated, and the corresponding fire protection system shall be established according to the category of stored materials

12. The warehouse of inflammables and explosives shall be equipped with explosion-proof lamps and switches 4 The non durable fire extinguishers shall be set outdoors. Each warehouse shall have at least 2 fire extinguishers and shall be set in the outdoor box. There shall be eye-catching signs such as "no fireworks", "toxic" and "dangerous goods" in front of the warehouse. The warehouse of hazardous chemicals and the warehouse in and warehouse out of hazardous chemicals shall be managed by a specially assigned person

13. The construction site is equipped with smoking kiosks with fire prevention measures. Smoking against rules is strictly prohibited in the construction site. Once it is found, it will be severely punished according to the regulations

14. Electric and gas welders engaged in electrical equipment installation and electric and gas welding and cutting operations must have an operation certificate. Before using fire, flammable and combustible substances must be removed, isolation and other measures shall be taken, and fire watchers and fire extinguishers shall be equipped. After operation, they must confirm that there is no hidden fire source before leaving. The fire permit is valid for half a day. If the fire location is changed, the fire permit formalities shall be handled again

15. The working distance between oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders shall not be less than 5m, and the distance between two cylinders and open flame operation shall not be less than 10m. It is forbidden to store oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders in the project

16. Before waterproof construction, fire prevention plan must be prepared and effective fire prevention measures must be taken. For the transportation and use of waterproof materials, operation regulations shall be strictly implemented, and special personnel shall be assigned to organize construction to prevent fire and explosion accidents

17. The power supply lines and electrical equipment in the construction site must be formally and uniformly installed. It is strictly prohibited to connect wires and use high-power electrical equipment without permission. The line joints must be well insulated and not exposed. The switches and sockets must have insulating shells

18. It is strictly prohibited to use "three Furnaces", namely "electric furnace, stove and kerosene furnace" in the construction area and living area. It is strictly prohibited to use electrical equipment with unsafe voltage in the dormitory. It is strictly prohibited to pull, connect and switch electrical appliances in the construction area and living area

19. Standardized management shall be carried out for workers. All construction personnel entering the construction site shall wear badges neatly and behave in a civilized manner

20. All construction personnel shall wear access cards when entering and leaving the site. External clerks must first obtain the permission of the security principal, and the security guard on duty shall verify the certificates and register at the gate

21. The guard on duty must strictly implement the registration system for entering and leaving the site, carefully perform the registration procedures, and conduct necessary inspection and registration for all vehicles entering and leaving the site

22. Before entering the site, the construction team shall submit the list of all its construction personnel to the project safety department, with copies of ID cards and work permits attached. The project department shall review all relevant certificates and issue access cards after entry education

23. When entering the construction site, the construction personnel must unconditionally abide by the site security management system and obey the command and management of the security personnel. The construction team is required to select a security officer for every 50 people to manage the security management of the team

24. Strengthen the management of offices, warehouses, dormitories and canteen areas prone to cases, define the public security personnel, and formulate preventive measures to prevent various public security cases. Gambling, alcoholism and dissemination of pornographic materials are strictly prohibited

25. Do a good job in guarding the construction site. Without permission, workers are not allowed to stay at the construction site. The personnel on duty should be serious and responsible when on duty. They are not allowed to leave their jobs without authorization, and take care of all materials, machines and equipment at the site to prevent damage and theft

26. All materials entering the construction site must be carefully registered by the security personnel on duty, indicating the quantity of materials, the type and number of vehicles; The outward transportation of construction materials, machines, tools and equipment shall be released only after the material Department of the project issues an exit ticket, otherwise the security guard has the right to detain their articles

27. Do a good job in the security of finished products and formulate specific measures to strictly prevent theft, damage and public security incidents

28. The security personnel shall assist the site management personnel to control the construction site and living quarters, and prohibit any fighting

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