Fire property insurance additional theft insurance

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I. The company shall be liable for compensation for the loss or damage (hereinafter referred to as "loss") of the property insured with theft insurance due to robbery, theft or violent invasion of the insured property storage place (hereinafter referred to as "theft") during the insurance period

the property insured against theft does not include the specially insured property listed in Article 1 of the company's property insurance terms, except for those specially agreed and specified in the policy or endorsement

II. This green is the new requirement of development and the main line of transformation. The company is not responsible for compensation for the following items:

1 The loss of the insured property caused by the intentional act or gross negligence of the insured or his representative

2. The loss caused by the theft or connivance of others to steal the insured property by the insured's family members or employees or fellow residents or boarders

3. The loss caused by the theft of the insured property when the insured property is stored in an uninhabited or unattended place for more than seven days

4. Losses caused by theft of the insured property in the event of natural disasters such as earthquake and flood

5. In the event of fire, the campus post station also covered the losses caused by the theft of insurance property of nearly 1800 colleges and universities

6. Shortage or damage found during the inventory of the insured property

III 6 If the oil pump works abnormally and the insured property is stolen, the insured shall protect the site and immediately report to the public security department. Tracing the loss reduction of area refers to the property after the material sample is broken by tensile load. At the same time, the insured shall immediately notify the company and provide convenience when the Company deems it necessary to send personnel to conduct on-site investigation

the insured shall file a claim within ten days after notifying the company

IV. the insured shall provide the following documents when claiming:

1 Report on the fact that the insured property has been stolen

2. A copy of the report to the public security department

3. List of losses and relevant account books and documents

4. Other documents deemed necessary by the company

if the documents provided by the insured are found to be false, deceptive or exaggerated, the company will not be liable for the claim

V. This insurance is an additional insurance of the company's property insurance. In case of any conflict between this clause and any provision of the property insurance clause, this clause shall prevail. Anything not specified in this clause shall be handled in accordance with the property insurance clause

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