Ordinary lamp meets customized home

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[Erica whole house customization] we usually watch plays or movies. The quality of a film usually directly determines our viewing experience, but sometimes it is inevitable to step on thunder and encounter some "dishes" that are not to our taste. At this time, lighting a cigarette will greatly relieve our mood. People use "not enough play, smoke to make up" to describe using some means to make up for those unsatisfactory things

I believe that people who have installed houses should have encountered dissatisfaction, from design to furniture, or that the family environment is too monotonous, so there is no way to change the hardware, so we use the simplest method - lighting to create a warm home atmosphere. This will not only make the space more layered, but also soften the environment and make the environment more emotional. In a simple space, it will show a special attraction

design of light belt in the cabinet

the cabinet is relatively closed. Designing the light belt in it can weaken the sealing effect to a certain extent, enhance the brightness inside the cabinet, and don't have to work so hard to find things

design of light belt in the kitchen

light belt has the greatest impact on the kitchen cabinet. Under the effect of bright vision, cooking will be regarded as a kind of enjoyment, and the cooked meals will be much more delicious

design of light strips on walls

designing light strips on some walls, such as living rooms, bedrooms, stairs and aisles, will naturally produce an elegant and introverted temperament, improve the spatial style, and make the whole space look atmospheric and full of a sense of future

design of the light belt in the bathroom

arrange some hidden light belts around the mirror in the bathroom. The weak floodlight will instantly improve the style of the home. Looking at the mirror is like taking a selfie and lighting, so that people can't help asking: "magic mirror, magic mirror, who is the most beautiful person in the world?"

design of top light belt

the combination of light and shade in the ceiling with light belt makes the sense of reality stronger, adds a sense of hierarchy to the clean and white wall, and creates a wonderful home environment

design of light belt on the ground

the design of light belt used on the ground is unique and gives people a sense of security from the heart. The warm light under the bed makes the whole room full of intimacy, and every dream here is full of softness and sweetness





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