How to decorate an old house over ten years old

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The renovation of old houses is also a good opportunity to change the pattern. Many friends will take advantage of the opportunity to knock indoors and change the indoor pattern. It is recommended to knock less on the wall to reduce expenses. In addition, in areas such as kitchen and bathroom, there are many water pipes and wires. If the pattern changes, the construction is difficult and water leakage is easy to occur

replace old water and electricity lines with new ones

water pipes and wires will be aged for a long time. When renovating, they can be assembled again to prolong the service life. When installing, they should be hidden in advance, solid, beautiful and safe

power supply problems should be noted

household power increases, and the original line cannot meet the demand. For safety reasons, the power configuration should meet the demand to avoid danger

be familiar with the decoration process in advance

before decoration, the owner can inform the Construction Party of the living needs, and should also be familiar with the decoration process. In terms of decoration, the construction sequence is to demolish first, then match the pipelines, build brick walls, cooperate with woodwork construction, match the pipelines of the ceiling, and finally do the beautification project. The parts that are easy to get dirty or damaged should be left at the end

balcony extrapolation

when many owners decorate their homes, in order to strive for more space, they use the extrapolation balcony, which not only increases the cost, but also violates the building. In fact, making good use of the balcony can beautify the living environment and bring a sense of leisure to the interior

avoid decoration in autumn

the climate in autumn is pleasant, and many homeowners may consider decoration in autumn. However, the dry climate in autumn is likely to lead to problems such as dryness and cracking of walls and wood. Unlike new houses, old houses are not able to withstand twists and turns. In order to avoid trouble and increase expenses, it is best to avoid decoration in autumn, and pay attention to dealing with the problem of seams when installing floors

the decoration of old houses seems to save a lot of worry, but it is actually much more troublesome than the decoration of new houses. Before the formal renovation, it is best to carry out an overall plan. After planning where to move or not to move, it is much easier to start construction later

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