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The Mid Autumn Festival, the national day, the Pearl exhibition doors and windows huge benefits feedback

pearl creates and displays a model of high-end doors and windows, and welcomes the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, and the double festival at the time of opening a new chapter in the door and window industry

Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows is a high-end brand of the nation. On the occasion of the national inheritance Festival, Mingzhu has been giving back to the vast number of consumers' love and support for Mingzhu. A large-scale preferential promotional activity with the theme of "golden autumn price for you" was launched, and the huge benefits of the headquarters fell to the end

pearl has been adhering to the concept of quality first, customizing high-end doors and windows with exquisite workmanship, serving consumers with gold medal service standards, and benefiting the whole people with practical actions. It is understood that the Juhui event is quite rich. The preferential time for Mingzhu headquarters to work with dealers nationwide is from September 19, 2015 to October 11, 2015

preferential items include:

◆ enter the store "treasure hunt"

wechat pays attention to "Pearl creation exhibition doors and windows", you can participate in the treasure hunt in the store, and exquisite gifts are waiting for you to find "treasure"

◆ deposit doubled

if you buy positive price doors and windows, you can pay a deposit of 1000 yuan to offset the purchase price of 2000 yuan

◆ 1000 less for 10000 yuan

1000 less for 10000 yuan, 2000 less for 20000 yuan, and so on, no ceiling

◆ trade in

if you sign up for trade in, you can discount the old doors and windows by 20% of the total price of the new doors and windows on the basis of the discount of the event

◆ full price discount and upper discount

customers who pay full price within the duration of the event can enjoy another 2% discount and upper discount on the basis of the event discount

◆ free large red envelopes

you can draw a red envelope for every 5000 yuan of shopping, and so on, and the winning rate is 100%! The maximum amount of free order is 4999 yuan

◆ manufacturer subsidized products

manufacturers directly provide 2015 popular products

the details are explained by the regional franchises.

pearl has been known for its high-end brand concept, forward-looking vision and professional technology. In this festive Festival, during this Juhui activity, Mingzhu will give back to the majority of consumers with high-end products and high-quality services. I believe that Mingzhu will be able to customize your Mingzhu door and Mingzhu window





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