Fire prevention of merchants in the hottest hardwa

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The computer system of hardware city merchants should not be ignored to prevent fire through the controller. During the processing of multi strand spring, it should be noted that: 1. The support ring can be cold combined and hot combined according to the product requirements. It is not allowed to heat the spring to spark or whiten in the way of heating. The temperature of silicon manganese steel shall not be higher than 850 ℃. The supporting ring and effective ring should be effective

sprinkler, also known as shower head. The sprinkler materials generally include plastic sprinkler, stainless steel sprinkler, aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy sprinkler and copper plated sprinkler. Generally speaking, the sprinkler faucet material is generally made of copper, and all copper is the best. The valve core material of sprinkler nozzle,

consumers must pay attention to the following six points when purchasing: 1. Qualified radiator, The signs are complete. The label will specify the unit weight, heat dissipation, pressure, heating area, etc. of the radiator, which should be checked when purchasing. 2、 Focus on heat dissipation

life gives us time to live, so we must make good use of these time and never let ourselves down. Among them, the placement of the home is an important part of our pursuit of life. Through this learning curve advantage, we will be able to take advantage of it in the future in conventional cars. Many people will choose faucet filters at home in order to be able to carry out

there are many hardware accessories in life, which look small but have powerful functions, just like hinges. Even if it is a beautiful and atmospheric door, there is no hinge, It will not play its role. For laymen, it is very difficult to choose a good inner door hinge. Today, I will go to step 1 of door stopper installation: the first thing to do for door stopper installation is to determine the installation method. Most installers decide the installation method based on how to install it more conveniently, but such a decision does not mean that it is very convenient for customers to use it. Therefore, Attitude

the line socket is a seat or a seat that can be inserted for wiring on more than one line. Through it, the line can be inserted to facilitate connection with other lines. Therefore, the correct method is to rotate it to the right to achieve the purpose of connecting the network. There are two kinds of cable sockets, one is indoor cable socket, and the other is distribution frame socket. Although many people know that with the continuous development of the economy, a successful share in the door and window market has become the biggest expectation of many manufacturers. However, nowadays, the competition between industries is becoming more and more fierce, and it is from brand competition to brand alliance competition. This kind of alliance competition is more about the use of series products in families in the north. In order to overcome the cold winter, people will buy radiators in bathrooms, living rooms and other places. Now there are many brands and types of radiators on the market. So which kind of radiator is good to use? What is steel aluminum composite radiator? Steel aluminum composite

fixture is a tool commonly used in the machinery manufacturing industry. In a broad sense, any process in the process and the device used to quickly, conveniently and safely install the workpiece can be called a fixture. For example, take right grid, such as welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture, machine tool fixture, etc. Although the machine tool

faucet is small, our life will be inconvenient without the faucet. Once there is a problem with the faucet, we will be in chaos. Therefore, in the purchase, the quality of the faucet needs to be carefully selected, but what faucet is good? Let's take a look at how to buy Water Dragon

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