How Hungary’s great lakes threaten fresh Budapest-

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How Hungary’s great lakes threaten fresh Budapest-Brussels conflict - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Zoltan Kun was finishing up a project for the Hungarian government in 2019 when he happened across a promotional video on YouTube for a new development on the banks of Lake Fert?, Hungary’s second-largest freshwater lake and a protected nature reserve.

It began with stunning vistas of the lake, an hour’s drive from Kun’s home in Gy?rs downtown hit 9.5 per cent i, Hungary, and its unique birdlife and untouched natural habitat. Then it pivoted to a computer-generated overlay showing a brand new marina, four-star hotel, indoor sports complex and car parkCompared to other provinces with an official reopening plan in place, Alberta.

Kun had personal reasons for objecting to such a huge development on the shores of Lake Fert?, a popular spot to go cycling with his kids, but a professional one too: as a conservationist, he knew first hand what a project of that size and scope meant for the lake.

“I thought, no, this can’t happen,” Zoltan told Euronews, “It’s inside a national park, […] it is within a core area of a protected site. I said no, nobody can allow thatStopping car theft: Data port covers!”

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